PC Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 promo CD - Unlock all 16 minigames

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PC Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 promo CD - Unlock all 16 minigames

Post by dr_st »

Not a mod, just a little guide.

As you know, the PC version of RRR2 contained 16 mini-games, with some editions including all 16, and others sold in sets of 4. Recently, I got a copy of the Canadian "Cheese Heads" promotional release. That version advertises 4 mini-games (from the 'Orange' disc), and indeed when you install, only the orange games can be played by default. What puzzled me, is that the RRR2.bf main data file seemed almost equal in size to the Russian version I already had, which contained all 16 games. Sure enough, I found out from the RayWiki and PCGamingWIki entries, that the games are indeed there and can be unlocked, however, I found a key step missing from the instructions, so here I'm filling the gap.

The game is launched by calling the main engine app (Jade.exe) with certain arguments. Normally this is done by the Autorun.exe front-end, but you can do it directly. The first of these arguments specifies the version, that is the subset of the games that will be playable.
Valid options are: /red, /orange, /green, /blue - select the 4 games that are associated with a specific disc color, and /allgames - enable all 16 games.

But you need one more thing. The engine associates each of the 5 game "versions" with a specific GUID:

Code: Select all

Orange GUID:    {1D769438-429C-4309-931D-A643DF9C57D9}
Blue GUID:      {B1519A9F-864D-47FF-B69F-65F47CA911B0}
Green GUID:     {9F61B3F4-B5B6-4049-84CB-2A7CFA6BBCA4}
Red GUID:       {D3AF3B47-FF38-4296-8456-759D6C165934}
All Games GUID: {B864EBC6-9DB8-4A5E-9F08-B0CE286785EC}
When run, Jade.exe looks for the GUID matching the argument in the registry, at the path

Code: Select all

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ubisoft\Rayman Raving Rabbids 2
and reads various settings inside it. If it does not find the key matching the GUID (or if some of the settings are wrong), it will display a pop-up that the game is not properly installed, and abort.

The "Cheese Heads" promo disc is configured as the 'Orange' disc. The GUID is hard-coded into the installer and into Autorun.exe (which also hard-codes /orange as an argument to Jade.exe). To get the game to accept the /allgames parameter instead, you need to simply rename the key in the registry (or duplicate it).

A simple PowerShell command can be used for either. Assuming you want to change from Orange (which is how the promo disc is configured) to "all games" you would run the following:

To rename the GUID (can also easily be done manually through the Registry Editor):

Code: Select all

Rename-Item -Path "HKCU:\Software\Ubisoft\Rayman Raving Rabbids 2\{1D769438-429C-4309-931D-A643DF9C57D9}" -NewName "{B864EBC6-9DB8-4A5E-9F08-B0CE286785EC}"
To copy the GUID (by duplicating and keeping the old one intact, the Autorun and uninstaller will continue to function correctly):

Code: Select all

Copy-Item -Path "HKCU:\Software\Ubisoft\Rayman Raving Rabbids 2\{1D769438-429C-4309-931D-A643DF9C57D9}" -Destination "HKCU:\Software\Ubisoft\Rayman Raving Rabbids 2\{B864EBC6-9DB8-4A5E-9F08-B0CE286785EC}" -Recurse
(the -Recurse argument is crucial, otherwise it just creates an empty key, and does not copy any of the subkeys)

Now you can set up a simple shortcut or batch file to run the game with the appropriate arguments:

Code: Select all

Jade.exe /allgames /B RRR2.bf
Whether any 4-game disc of RRR2 can be unlocked like this, I don't know because I never had others.

P.S. The game also keeps separate "save game" files (which keep track of highscores) for each 'edition'. They are stored under %USERPROFILE%\Documents\RRR2 and named RRR2_Blue.sav, RRR2_Green.sav, RRR2_Orange.sav, RRR2_Red.sav, and RRR2.sav, respectively.
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