Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

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Rayman Raving Rabbids 2
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Published by Ubisoft
Developed by Ubisoft Paris

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Release date 2007
Genre Party
Gameplay mode Single/Multi player
Platforms Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS
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Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 is the sequel to the spin-off series Rayman Raving Rabbids. It was released in 2007 on the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS. It is followed by Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party in 2008, Rabbids Go Home in 2009, and Raving Rabbids: Travel In Time in 2010.


After having tried to take over Rayman's world, the Rabbids have now set their sights on ours! Using their headquarters in a shopping mall as their base, they are currently travelling all over the world to study our behavior and prepare a massive invasion.

Rayman has infiltrated the Rabbids' base in disguise, hoping to prevent these stupid creatures from carrying out their crazy, evil plan.

Watching TV, Rayman finds out that the Rabbids have invaded Earth. He goes to their headquarters, which is a shopping mall, and finds two Rabbids being guards as the other Rabbids enter the base to start work. Rayman quickly disguises as a Rabbid by putting two socks on his hair, wearing fake eyeballs and breathing in helium to sound like a Rabbid. Grabbing a coke can, he throws it to distract two Rabbid guards, thinking it was each other who made the sound (or just wanted to), start attacking each other. Rayman sneakily proceeds to hide behind another car and picks up the plunger the Rabbids threw away upon attacking each other. He places the Plunger into his Plunger Gun and climbs a ladder to the ceiling of the shop. He looks down through a glass roof, in view of Rabbids watching a video of human behavior. One of the Rabbids suddenly looks up to where Rayman is and startled, Rayman backs away and falls into a hole, landing right in the base itself. The Rabbids come closer to Rayman, ready to attack, when their leader arrives, a slightly larger rabbid with one blind eye, a comical reference to 'General Woundwort' a character from 'Watership Down', a 1972 best-selling novel by Richard Adams. The leader recognizes this 'Rabbid' as Rayman and gets out a copy of the European Rayman Raving Rabbids game to make sure it is him, but is struggling to make out the difference behind the rather obvious discuise. Rayman then does a Rabbid scream and the Rabbids, convinced he is one of them, allow him to take part in their mission as they set off for a continent to invade.


The main setting in the game is the shopping mall the Rabbids have taken over. From there the player can go do Trips, listen to music unlocked in minigames, customize Rayman and the Rabbids, and make a customized trip.


This game features Rayman and the Rabbids. Being a spin-off, this game focuses much more on the Rabbids than it does Rayman. In this game, Rayman acts like a Rabbid in order to keep himself unnoticed. The Rabbids are now more human like than they were in Rayman Raving Rabbids, doing human things and even having their own crazy way of speech.


One of the minigames involves hitting a Rabbid until he falls asleep.

In the game you can choose from Trips Mode, Score Mode, Trips customization or the Plaza. In Trips mode you can choose from 5 different areas to visit. Then you take part in 5 randomly chose minigames and a music one as the area's final. In Score Mode, you can replay the 45 minigames you unlocked in Trips and try to beat the high scores to unlock more Rabbid costumes. Trips customization lets you create up to three of your own trips and play them from the Trips menu. Lastly is the Plaza, where you can view the credits, listen to music you unlocked, play some FPS Plunger Shooters and customize Rayman or the Rabbids with more than 110 items of clothing. Rayman only has 9 costumes while the Rabbids have around 50. Also new to this game is the choose of easy mode or normal mode in both Trips and Score and simultaneous multiplayer in all of the minigames.

The Plunger Shooters are different from Rayman Raving Rabbids. Instead of polygon made worlds, they now take place in real world locations, because someone from Ubisoft went round filming locations and then Ubisoft added the Rabbids into it on the computer. To reload, you now have to pess the A button. The grapple abilty is now gone. Finally, they are now more slow than they were in the original Rayman Raving Rabbids.

The music stages have changed too. Instead of dancing to the music, you now play it. You can choose from 4 different instruments and instead of Rabbids coming from the sides of the stage, you now have Wii Remote and Nunchuck symbols coming down from the top of the screen and when they get to the templates at the bottom of the screen, you must strike down whichever controller the symbol is of. Nunchuck symbols are always at the left and Wiimote symbols are always at the right. If you get a wobbly red circle when you hit a symbol, it means you did bad and you lose some points, if you get a wobbly yellow circle it means you did good and get no points, and if you get a green circle it means you got perfect and you gain some points. Also at certain times it will tell you you must either alternatively move the Nunchuck and Wii Remote up and down, swing the Wii Remote like a lasso or swing the Nunchuck like a lasso. All actions you must do as fast as possible to get the most points. Note that in easy mode you don't actually play the song, you just do the actions.

In all Score Mode minigames you must get more than 12000 points in normal mode to get the trophy and unlock a Rabbid costume. In all Trips you must beat a total of 72000 points to get the trophy and unlock a Rabbid costume. On the highscores of each Score Mode minigame, Globox always has 12000 points, Betilla always has 9000 points and Murphy always has 6000 points. On the highscores of each Trip, Globox always has 72000 points, Betilla always has 54000 points and Murphy always has 36000 points. #


Quotes from Loïc Gounon

(Game co-ordinator at Ubisoft Montpellier) in an Interview with the Official Nintendo Magazine

"As many of the team made the original Rayman, we were a little worried that fans were expecting a huge fantastical adventure that the Rayman games are so famous for, but we felt it was time to really have some fun an innovate. We hope the end result even if a little different, still puts a smile on their faces"

"Rayman has always faced enemies with a big presence and he is back to once again help the real world rid themselves of the Rabbids!"

"...stop the rabbids that are spreading insanity all over the world and save your best mate, Globox. In the arcade mode, Rayman will be one of the numerous playable characters amoung the Rabbids..."

"...we have re-designed the first person plunger shooting with something very unique and the Rabbids have also joined a rock band!"





Latin America


Internet connection

At the end of each minigame and trip, there is an icon for Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. If the player has internet connection for their Wii, they can send their score to www.ravingrabbids2.com. The player can then compare their score with those of other players and try to beat them. Top 3 players in the world are listed in each minigame section.


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