Tonic Trouble (Retail) Widescreen Tutorial (No Disappearing Objects)

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Tonic Trouble (Retail) Widescreen Tutorial (No Disappearing Objects)

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If you're looking for Tonic Trouble Special Edition, go here.

After hours of painstakingly looking at the game's files with a hex editor, I finally found a way to achieve perfect widescreen on Tonic Trouble (Retail!) This means there are no disappearing objects anymore, unlike previous attempts at widescreen for this game. In this tutorial I will provide an in-depth guide on how you can achieve glorious widescreen in this game yourself!

Credits to RayCarrot for creating Rayman Control Panel. Credits to AuToMaNiAk005 for figuring out how to modify Tonic Trouble's internal resolution. Credits to lk19 for their findings on Hype: The Time Quest Widescreen. This was very helpful for finding the right FOV values for this game.

Tonic Trouble (Retail) Widescreen Gameplay

Somethings to be aware of:
  • You will need a hex editor for this. I recommend using HxD.
  • You will need Rayman Control Panel. Get it here.
  • As of right now ultrawide aspect ratios, (21:9, 25:16, 32:9, etc.) are not supported due to the game crashing when forcing ultrawide resolutions.
  • The ending cutscene is slightly zoomed in. As of right now there is no fix.
With all that out of way, let's get started! First, you will need to download the edited widescreen EXEs and extract the zip. Then, open the folder that matches your desired aspect ratio and replace your original game's EXE with the edited one. I would recommend making a backup of the original EXE incase you want to revert back.
TT (Retail) Widescreen
(1.24 MiB) Downloaded 94 times
Now open Rayman Control Panel and go to the Utilities tab. At the bottom you should a section labeled "Decoders," set it to Tonic Trouble and click Decode. Then, head to the folder where your game is installed, go to GAMEDATA\WORLD\LEVELS and decode fix.sna. Once decoded, open HxD, type Ctrl + O, and open your decoded fix.sna file. Then type Ctrl + G and go to offset 225E22. Type Ctrl + R and go to the Floating point number tab, put 1.5 in the first box and in the second box:
  • 1.786 for 16:9
  • 1.68203222751617 for 16:10
  • 1.72249913215637 for 15:9
Click OK and you should see that you just replaced that value! Now type Ctrl + G again and go to offset 25859C. Do the same thing you did in the previous step above. Lastly, type Ctrl + G and go to offset 258674, replace the float like before. Then, type Ctrl + S to save your changes. Now open Rayman Control Panel and go to the Utilities tab again, this time encoding your edited fix.sna. Once encoded, open the folder where your game is installed and go to GAMEDATA\WORLD\LEVELS. Replace the original fix.sna with your encoded one. I recommend making a backup of your original fix.sna incase you want to revert back.

And you're done! You can now enjoy Tonic Trouble (Retail) in perfect widescreen! If you experience any issues try the following:
  • Setting your in-game resolution to 640x480. This should already be set by default but if it isn't, change it.
  • Setting your Scaling mode in dgVoodoo to Stretched, keep Aspect Ratio.
  • Setting your resolution in the DirectX tab of dgVoodoo to Max.
  • If your game crashes it means you made a mistake modifying fix.sna and you need to try again.
Might make a video tutorial if there's demand for it, we'll see.
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