Tonic Trouble Special Edition Widescreen Tutorial

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Tonic Trouble Special Edition Widescreen Tutorial

Post by Garo »

If you're looking for Tonic Trouble (Retail), go here.

Making the widescreen patch for this version of Tonic Trouble wasn't too hard as I had already figured out all the hard stuff when doing the widescreen patch for Tonic Trouble (Retail.) Turns out this version works the exact same way as retail, who would've thought! :P

Tonic Trouble Special Edition Widescreen Gameplay

Somethings to be aware of:
  • You will need a hex editor for this. I recommend using HxD.
  • As of right now ultrawide aspect ratios, (21:9, 25:16, 32:9, etc.) are not supported due to the game completely ignoring ultrawide resolutions.
First, make sure you are using Eddd's patched EXE. You can that find that in my setup tutorial. Then, inside the game folder create a new file called "Ubi.ini" and type the following inside the file:

Code: Select all

Change the screen size value to the following depending on your aspect ratio:

16:9: 1280x720
16:10: 1280x800
15:9: 1280x768

Save your changes and open HxD. Type Ctrl + O and navigate to your game folder and go to GameData\world\levels and open fix.sna (unlike Tonic Trouble (Retail) fix.sna isn't encoded so no need to decode it!.) Then, type Ctrl + G and go to offset 132EEA. Type Ctrl + R and go to the Floating point number tab, put 1.5 in the first box and in the second box:
  • 1.786 for 16:9
  • 1.68203222751617 for 16:10
  • 1.72249913215637 for 15:9
Click OK and you should see that you just replaced that value! Now type Ctrl + G again and go to offset 21CE32. Do the same thing you did in the previous step above. Finally, type Ctrl + S to save your changes and you're done! HxD will automatically make a backup of fix.sna so you can revert back anytime! If you experience any issues with widescreen try the following:
  • Setting your Scaling mode in dgVoodoo to Stretched, keep Aspect Ratio.
  • Setting your resolution in the DirectX tab of dgVoodoo to Max.
  • If your game crashes it means you made a mistake modifying fix.sna and you need to try again.
I hope you guys enjoy this widescreen patch! :D
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