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Fangame is a term for unofficial video games that are based on a specific character or its universe, which have been created by enthusiasts skilled with game production tools or programming abilities. Rayman has a relatively large fanbase, only outnumbered by popular examples like Mario or Sonic, meaning fewer professional Rayman fangames have been created.

List of fangames

Name Developers Genre Framework Programming Platform Version Announced
Rayman: Revenge Of The Dark
Adsolution Platformer CryEngine 3 C++, Lua, ActionScript, XML Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U Stresstest 1.0 2009
Rayman : Bubble Nightmare
SquizCat & LittleCutter Platformer UbiArt Framework / Game Maker In progress Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 In progress 2011
Drolpiraat Platformer Game Maker GML Windows Demo 1.0; development on hold 2007
Rayman Lua
FouadtjuhMaster Platformer LuaPlayer HM 7 Lua PlayStation Portable In progress 2015
Rayman: Razorbeard's Vengeance
Ray502 Platformer Game Maker GML Windows Released 2013
Rayman 2: The Alternate Side
Ray502 Platformer Game Maker GML Windows Demo 1.0 2017
Phoenixan: Fire Under Siege
Phoenixan Platformer Game Maker GML Windows Demo 3.1 2005
Rayman PSP
Chilly Willy, PowerPatrick
FouadtjuhMaster, Phoebius
Platformer OldSchool Library C using PSP SDK PlayStation Portable Build 20120106 2009
Rayman The Dark Magician's Reign of Terror
Raymanni Platformer Game Maker GML Windows Released 2012
Rayman 3.5 Lord Asdi Platformer Unity 5 C# Windows, Linux Demo V0.1 2018
Rayman 2.5 Sir Rayland Platformer Unity 2018 C# Windows In progress 2019 Adamek2008 Platformer Unknown Unknown Windows In progess 2018
Rayman 1-II BNH89 Platformer Game Maker GML Windows Unreleased 2008
RayEngine Terminapor Platformer [3.0] Game Maker, [4.0b1+] SDL [3.0] GML, [4.0b1+] C++, Lua Windows 4.0 beta 1 2009
Rayman Fangame creampie9 Platformer Game Maker GML Windows 5.0 beta 2009
Rayman Deluxe Betaman Platformer Game Maker GML Windows Unreleased 2011
Rayman Doom MMMorshew First-person shooter id Tech 1 WadC Cross-platform Demo 1.0 2010
Rayman: Dark Era Hedgehog673 Platformer Game Maker GML Windows Unreleased 2010

List of expansion packs

Name Authors Heritage Version Announced
Rayman Expansion: Welcome To Darkland Chacanger Rayman Designer, RayEngine Unreleased 2010

List of references

Name Game Developers Contributors Genre Version Announced
World of Electoons Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Gladiacloud Bloodgrey Platformer Unreleased 2008

List of translations

Game Language Authors Demonstration
Rayman 2 (PC) Swedish Carrot-master YouTube video + links
Rayman 2 (PC) Portuguese (Portugal) Haruka YouTube video + links