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Re: Rayman: The Dark Maigician's Reign of Terror! *RELEASED*
Does that Rayman evil scientist controlling a robot with a cannon pen15? :mrgreen:

Re: Ray1Editor - Rayman 1 Level Editor
RayCarrot wrote: Thu Jan 13, 2022 7:24 pm I'm not sure exactly where you modified the file, but it doesn't seem you modified the TexturesOffsetTable array which seems to be the cause of the crash. Since the transparent and opaque tile textures have different lengths the game has an offset table to more quickly be able to get to each tile texture struct. These are relative to the very first tile texture, 0x4C717 in the file you sent. So if the offset is 0x120 then the file offset is 0x4C837.
To get this to work you need to make sure the offset table points to each of the available textures. If a tile texture does not have a corresponding offset in the table then this exception will occur in the editor and the game will read the wrong texture data.
Updating all of these might be a bit time consuming. If you add a new opaque tile texture then that will shift all the transparent ones by its size (since the opaque ones always appear first), so all of their offsets need to be updated. If you add a transparent one it's simpler since then all you'd need is to add a new offset to the table and have it point to the new texture. The table always has 1200 entries, with invalid ones being 0xFFFFFFFF, so if you add a new one all you'd need is to replace one of the invalid ones.

Edit: Also I should note you don't need to manually edit any checksums or the two pointers at the start of the file. Those are all automatically updated by the editor when saving. I didn't get around to implement proper support for texture replacing and such though which is why this part is more complicated.
I realise what happened, there was a bug in my code that meant the offset table was a bit screwed up. So I've managed to get the tiles into the map (both transparent and opaque) and they work fine with the editor like the screenshots below (note the Rayman Education tiles in Rayman 1).

Essentially I'm writing a tool for me to import and export the tiles easily rather than trying to manually change the files.

However, when I go to play this I get an error (also see below), I thought it may have been to do with the checksum again (where I save/reopen it in the editor and it fixes it) but not this time.

Again I attached the level file, but this time it's not as obvious where it falls over.

Re: TTQ: Season 130 - dr_st
Not what I had in mind.

Since the question asked for "game" in singular, I will accept for an answer any game that features such a mechanic; however, I did not find any reference to Raving Rabbids DS having it. If any such evidence is brought forth, though, I am prepared to change my mind, as long as no one gives the answer I am thinking about. :)

Re: Manipulate the Image #105: Grovebox
And thank you! Lookin' good…

Re: Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc PC Graphics Mod Reshade / SweetFX / 32 bit depth fix
Im having a problem with reshade installed the UI seems to be all weird.
i have better rayman 3 installed for the wide screen.
and i have this texture mod installed
i play on 1080p with the english version of the game

Re: Rayman 2 speedrunning
Very good run from Payman, I compared the segments with Darnok_PL's run in the previous post and it's even faster! Of course, the time is longer because you can't skip custscenes on N64...

Re: Rayman: The Dark Maigician's Reign of Terror! *RELEASED*
Well, it looks awful, but it's hilarious. 😂

Re: Rayman ReDesigner
Merci beaucoup d'y avoir joué ! Content que ça t’ait plu ! :)
Sois libre de te servir de ce que j’ai proposé avec ces graphismes des jeux de Ryemanni ou avec mon niveau de Rayman GBC pour faire tes propres trucs si tu en as envie ! Après tout, puisque j’ai pris la peine de créer une version ReDesigner pour GBC aussi fidèle que possible, autant que les gens puissent s’en servir comme d’une fondation pour créer des remix ou leurs propres remakes ! Ça enlève beaucoup de travail pour le placement des collisions et de ce genre de choses. :mrgreen:

Maintenant que j’y pense (et puisqu’on vient de parler de Reign of Terror), il serait possible de prendre les décors du jeu précédent de Ryemanni en utilisant UndertaleModTool afin de les ajouter dans ReDesigner sous forme de graphismes personnalisés ! Certes, on ne pourrait pas utiliser les éléments programmés pour le jeu comme les ennemis ou les boss, mais on aurait au moins tous les environnements (fonds inclus) ! Ça ouvre un peu la porte pour faire des remakes nous-mêmes ou pour créer de nouveaux niveaux dans ces thèmes ! :mryellow:

Je ne pense pas que je pourrais publier autre chose ce mois-ci, mais je devrais avoir le temps de mettre à jour mes niveaux sur Rayman Redistributor ! Ça va être surtout l’occasion de réorganiser les dossiers et d’ajouter quelques objets comme les « nouveaux » PNJs ! :)

Tant que j'y suis, voici aussi le lien vers le formulaire que Ryemanni vient de créer pour lui envoyer nos niveaux si on veut les voir dans ses streams : ... sp=sf_link

Re: Petit test du fan-jeu Rayman: The Dark Magician's reign of terror!
C’est vrai que ça serait super, mais Ryemanni semble clairement ne plus vouloir faire de jeux Rayman (les « shitposts » comme Rayman Bowling 2 restent toutefois possibles). Les seules fois où il a parlé d’un potentiel remake du jeu était pour blaguer et il semblait plus dégoûté par l’idée qu’autre chose.

Après, je pense que c’est une question d’habitude. Le jeu a mal vieilli comparé à Redemption et ReDesigner, mais je trouve qu’il est assez fun quand on s’y fait (après, il m’a quand même fallu jouer avec une manette en utilisant JoyToKey pour que ça soit vraiment jouable pour moi :noel: ).
Pour l’avoir fini à 100 %, c’était pas mal. C’est surtout le côté répétitif et le retour en arrière qui devient désagréable sur la fin (surtout parce qu’il faut retraverser les hubs pour revenir aux mondes précédents), mais le jeu devient meilleur après les deux premiers mondes (surtout puisque le level design et les thèmes deviennent plus intéressants à partir de là). Il y a franchement plein d’idées très cool à plein de moments du jeu. En y jouant par petites doses de temps en temps, c’est une expérience sympa. :mryellow:

Re: Petit test du fan-jeu Rayman: The Dark Magician's reign of terror!
Merci pour la réponse ! :)

J'avoue ne pas avoir été très loin dans ce jeu à cause de la mécanique /physique du jeu loin d'être celle qu'on connait dans Rayman Redemption. Ce qui serait le must, c'est que Ryemanni fasse un remake de The Dark Magician's reign of terror avec l'expérience qu'il possède aujourd'hui en programmation.

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Sat Jan 01, 2022 11:27 pm:
Happy New Year to all! 🎉 While 2021 may have been even stranger than 2020 in some respects, let's be hopeful than 2022, while it may not come packed with Rayman news, will be the return to normal we've been waiting for for so long!
by Hunchman801

Sat Dec 25, 2021 1:43 pm:
Merry Christmas to each and every one of you! Santa may not bring you a new Rayman game this year, but we hope that you’re pleased with your presents nonetheless and that you’ll enjoy time with your close ones. ❄️
by Hunchman801

Sun Aug 08, 2021 10:19 pm:
Today, Pirate-Community just turned eighteen. While the Rayman franchise is in limbo, and the past year was marked by Michel Ancel's departure from the video game industry, the community is still active and productive, with a strong focus on fan games, reverse-engineering and tooling, and Pirate-Community is at the very center of it. Always providing fans with the best possible resources and discussion platforms, we've extended our coverage with the creation of a new Rayman speedrunning section, which hosted a successful contest in which the fastest runners won rare merchandise, and we've connected further with the rest of the community, as shown by our affiliation with the r/Rayman subreddit

Over the last year, 16,639 messages were posted on the forum, adding to a total of 1,353,334, while RayWiki, with 111 new articles, now boasts a total of 5,839 in 8 languages. RayTunes saw many additions to its already extensive coverage of Rayman music, with new tracks from seven games from Rayman Junior to Rayman Mini.

The Rayman 3 Hall of Fame was also brought back from the dead thanks to our members' expertise, and plans are underway to create one for Rayman Raving Rabbids.

Pirate-Community has reached the age of majority for most countries in the world now, which is an impressive achievement no one would have expected at the time of its creation, and we are more determined than ever to ensure it will still be around for an even longer period of time.

Long live Rayman, long live Pirate-Community!
by Hunchman801

Fri Jun 18, 2021 9:37 pm:
Hi Pirate-Community,

It has been a long wait, but finally RayTunes has received another update, with the following changes:
• Rayman Educational Games: Added tracks from Rayman CP Disc 1
• Rayman M/Arena: Added medleys uploaded by the composer
• Rayman 3: Added tracks from the newly discovered prototype and from an old gameplay video
• Rayman Raving Rabbids: Added ambient tracks from the prototype
• Rayman Legends: Added beta tracks (thank you ItzalDrake!)
• Rayman Adventures: Added jingles
• Rayman Mini: Added new tracks from the Mr. Dark update
• Various typo fixes
Enjoy the update!
by Droolie

Thu Jun 10, 2021 1:03 am:
Hello, fellow Pirate-Community members. It seems very unusual to see me here! But, that's because it's really for a very special announcement. As the owner of the /r/Rayman subreddit!

We are happy to announce that the r/Rayman has finally joined forces with the Rayman Pirate-Community Forum!

That's right, you read this correctly! It’s been long time coming, but we have finally made it to this point. Its forum houses the great services from RayTunes, Raywiki and RaySaves. Not to mention, has been a key contributor to all things Rayman and essentially the grandfather of all communities including our own! We noticed we share the same beliefs of making the community bigger and better. So we are very glad to be a part of this change.

It would be very nice if people in this community can support eachother. So we implore you if you can please join and sign up for the Reddit today. It will really contribute to its activity and will be greatly appreciated!

That being said, we have finally opened a Rayman Discord server which has been in the works for a long while now. In addition, to celebrate the week of its return. We are going to host a VC event for the current Ubisoft Forward which will be happening on Saturday 12th June, on 12PM PDT! We are very excited to host this event.

If you want to join the new server: Send a PM to myself, Steo or Hunchman801 to get an invite I hope we can see you there for this upcoming event!
by Retrofuge

Mon Feb 01, 2021 2:47 am:
A new update for Rayman Mini has been released, which features Mr Dark, who will offer the player some playable contracts.

by Steo

Sun Jan 31, 2021 9:37 pm:
It's with great pleasure that I announce the launch of our brand new speedrunning section! :partyhat:

The Rayman series provides runners with a diverse set of games on which they can test their creativity in their attempts to complete them in the fastest way possible, therefore it's no surprise that the Rayman speedrunning community is thriving today, thanks to its active and talented runners but also thanks to all those who support them, whether by building tools or discovering glitches.

In order to provide the community with a great space to share runs, discuss techniques and participate in various events, we are lucky to be assisted by a team of experienced runners who will ensure that we remain on top of the speedrunning game! So far, we have been joined by kronkie10, DarnokPL, markyard44, Lucidruns, Payman, DepressingChild and ScalieDan! Their experience extends across most of the series, from Rayman 1 to Rayman Legends, and even the popular fangame Rayman Redemption. And for those who settle for nothing but perfection, we even have some serious TAS (tool-assisted speedrun) action going on! I must stress that we are still actively recruiting, so if you're an experienced runner interested in moderating this section, by all means please get in touch and let's give the speedrunning community the forum it deserves! 8)

There are things however that no human does better than computers, and that's why our faithful SpeedBot will be posting all the latest runs from in this section, so that you'll never miss an important breakthrough or a crucial leaderboard change!

And of course, a launch would be quite sad without a celebration, that's why we have decided to host a worldwide speedrunning competition with rare Rayman merch for prizes! Surely that's a good enough reason to fire up your games and dust off those speedrunning skills, isn't it?

In the future, we hope to provide you with many more cool events and features, so please stay tuned and let the race begin! :proud:
by Hunchman801

Sat Jan 02, 2021 9:06 pm:
A new fanmade game by Ryemanni has been released, titled Rayman ReDesigner. The game is similar to Rayman Designer, where players can design levels which others can play, but it also contains additional content, such as content from Rayman Redemption.
by Steo

Fri Jan 01, 2021 10:03 pm:
The Pirate-Community wishes a Happy New Year to all Rayman fans! It's been a strange year, but at least Ubisoft didn't quite forget our limbless hero's 25th anniversary!

The new edition of the Favourite Rayman Games Survey has started. You can find the links to the results of previous editions on the topic here.
by PluMGMK

Fri Dec 25, 2020 2:49 pm:
Pirate-Community wishes you a merry Christmas! 🎄 We hope that your plans weren't too affected by the restrictions in place and that you'll enjoy this precious time with your families!
by Hunchman801

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