Heart of the World (Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge)

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Heart of the World
Heart of the World
Cloudy Cache Scalding Cascade
Murfy Stamp

Lums 90 Cages 4

The Heart of the World is the fourteenth level in Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge. It is the last normal level, for the level after this one, Reflux's Lair, only consists of the final boss.


Murfy appears to Rayman, and gives him a warning about the dangerous knights in this area. The first part of the level is straightforward, as Rayman will activate timed switches and defeat Hoodstormers and one of the Armed Spinneroos. The Throttle Copter will be used from time to time to cross bodies of water. Later on, the Heavy Metal Fist can be used to break open gates that are not connected to a switch. Rayman will continue to battle more Armed Spinneroos and other Hoodlums as he activate more switches to open gates up. Eventually, the exit will be reached, guarded by an Armed Spinneroo.


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