On and On

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On and On
On and On
Born To Slide Speed Stress
League The Bonus League
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Complete one lap of each level before the timer reaches 0. The amount of time is equal to the number of lums you caught in lums mode.
—On and On mode description, Rayman M

On and On is the fourth Bonus League race course exclusive to Rayman M.


This race mode (with the same name as the race track itself) contains all of the races in every league but the Bonus League in order. The player must complete one lap of each of the twelve race tracks from the Beginner League, Advanced League, Expert League and Extreme League inside the base amount of time given in the timer, which is calculated by the number of Lums collected in every Lums mode (one second for each Lum). As long as the player successfully completes a lap, the remaining Lums are added to the next race track to add more time into the timer.

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