Speed Stress

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Speed Stress
Speed Stress
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League The Bonus League
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Finish the race before the wall catches you.
—Survival mode description, Rayman M

Speed Stress is the fifth and final Bonus League race course in Rayman M. It is unlocked by completing the fourth race course of the Bonus League, On and On.


This race track only contains the Survival mode, which goal is to run the three straightforward laps (equal among themselves) without being caught by the wireframe holographic wall that chases the character. Each lap is divided into four parts: the first part contains only speed arrows, the second part contains green barriers with speed arrows, the third part contains speed arrows with pink bumpers and the fourth part contains red "muddy" floor with clear floor with speed arrows. The player is running towards the screen, which makes it impossible to see the obstacles in the course. As the player proceeds to the next lap, the camera zooms more closely to the character, effectively reducing their visibility. If the player gets caught by the wall they lose, while reaching the finish line makes the them win the entire game and trigger the credits. The landscape is, unlike the twelve main race tracks which feature a Rayman 2-related theme, a 3D skeleton.



  • In the Xbox and GameCube versions of Rayman Arena, this stage is called Run, Run and has a few graphical changes.

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