Rivers of Murk

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Rivers of Murk
Rivers of Murk
Dungeon of Murk Bog of Murk
Murfy Stamp

Lums 58 Cages 4

The Rivers of Murk is the sixth level in Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge. In this boggy level, Rayman will have to use a boat to find his way through the marshes, using switches to invert the current.


The map of the level.

Meanwhile, as Globox escapes from where he was being held captive, Rayman continues to find his best friend. As the hero finds out there is no where he can go, Romeo appears for the second time. He offers his boat to Rayman so he can find the exit, but Romeo warns him of the strong currents as he rides along. Rayman will climb onto the boat and begin his search to the exit. Along the way, Rayman will have to get off the boat at certain parts to activate switches to change the currents to continue to other areas and eventually, the exit. The returning enemies in the level are the Hoodmonger Soldiers, Podocrocks, Ninja Crabs, Piranhas, and Hoodblasters.


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