Solution of the Bog of Murk

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The maximum score in the Bog of Murk is 100,899 points.


Part 1

Turn around and collect the red gem from the toilet in the outhouse (never say the creators of R3 are without a sense of humour). 30 points.

Break the cage and get the Throttle Copter. From the location of the Throttle Copter can you can zoom in on the Matuvu across the bog. Get it for 500 points and continue the combo with the 3 yellow gems above you. 630 points.

Use the Throttle Copter and collect the 4 yellow gems nearby. 700 points.

Break the second cage and collect the yellow and red gems. 960 points.

Head for the house and fight Begoniax. 2.460 points.

Go to the room with the gems. Collect the yellow gems on the right. 2.530 points.

Go back up the stairs and collect the gems on the left in combo. 2.700 points.

Collect the last red gem beside the exit (this can actually be included in the last combo if you're fast). 2.730 points.

Part 2

Jump and helicopter to the island. Don't take any gems and don't wake up the Hoodblasters. Head for the Mushrooms (run clockwise around the island). Use the Mushrooms to get near the cage. Break it carefully when standing on the second Mushroom, don't summon the Slapdashes yet. You now have the lockjaw. Jump for the lockjaw and be prepared to be whacked silly by the Slapdashes. Head back to the island and run back towards the Hoodblasters along the way you came. Wake them up, don't hit them, and run clockwise around the island. You are now in a position to take everything on and around the island in one big combo. Follow the video. 13.100 points.

BOM part 2 - The Island Combo

Renew the Lockjaw and head for the exit. Break the pig and jump down the hollowed out tree to collect the yellow gems in combo. 13.400 points.

Part 3

This part is dreaded by many R3 players and for good reason. It has entered the Rayman 3 folklore as one of those levels that are just hard. It's one thing to make the longest combo of the game work, another to get the Boat Secret work out to get the green gem for 9.000 points in combo. And to top it off, the combo only works when the Hoodblaster survives in the opening act.

I will write down two ways of making the long combo. The first one is the easier of them while the other one requires some practise.

Method 1. Restart the game until the Hoodblaster survives. Get the Lockjaw and use the hooks to enter the upper level. Follow the hallway and enter the next area. Cross the bridge and hit the Hoodblaster with the box two times. Return and head for the Mushrooms. Jump and climb them and head for the boat area. Hit the Hoodblaster in the boat two times. Continue and hit the first of two Hoodblasters two times as well. Be careful they don't kill each other. Head back through the hallway. Break the cage and hit the Hoodblaster two times. Now get back and refresh the Lockjaw and place yourself at your original position. Follow the video. 31.180 points.

BOM part 3 - The Long Combo Method 1

Method 2. Restart the game until the Hoodblaster survives. Get the Lockjaw, head for the upper level and break the cage. Wake up the Hoodblaster, don't hit him. This method requires no further preparation, but all Hoodlums must be killed with a charged hit and this requires some practise. Now jump to the level below and head for the lower of the two Mushrooms below the Hook. Stand on the Mushroom on the edge closest to the Muddibog without taking the yellow gem. Kill the Muddibog and get the yellow gem. Jump to the Mushroom above and take the yellow gem. Jump down and take the first yellow gem on the first Mushroom where you originally stood. Take the second yellow gem and kill the surviving Hoodblaster for 400 points in combo. Refresh the Lockjaw and continue with the yellow gem on the Mushroom. Kill the Muddibog, take the yellow gem on top of his burrow and head for the last Muddibog. Take the last yellow gem and stand on top of him so he won't bother you when you zoom in on Matuvu. Kill the Muddibog, take the red gem and use the Hook to get to the upper level. Kill the Hoodblaster with one hit, take the red gem and head for the hallway. Kill the first Muddibog and kill the second Muddibog as late as possible. Cross the bridge and be in time to break the nearest pig in combo (this is hard). Break the second pig as well and, while charging your fist, pick up the first yellow gem on the second bridge and kill the Hoodblaster in combo. From this point, follow the video again. After killing the Muddibogs and lowering the Mushrooms, kill the first Hoodblaster in the boat. Head for the other Hoodblaster and kill him with a charged hit. Wait for the Hoodblaster arriving by boat. Kill him just before the combo runs out. Wait a few second and hit the Hoodboom. Kill the two Hoodblasters arriving by boat. Quickly get the Lockjaw and use the hook to enter the upper level. Kill the Hoodblaster with one hit. Finish the combo with the pig and the gems on top of the hollowed out tree. Don't fall into the tree. 31.860 points.

Renew the Lockjaw and head for the Boat Secret. One way of getting the green gem for 9.000 points in combo is shown in the video above; although I believe I made a mistake in the last jump. Didn't want to make a new shot. 44.580 points.

Collect as many red Lums you need and head for the exit.

Note: If you follow method 1, you will have 43.900 points after part 3.

Part 4

Pass the Hoodblasters and go left to the upper level. Pass the pig and continue past the yellow gems and the Hoodblaster in the hallway. Break the cage. Charge your fist and helicopter towards the Hoodblaster on the far-away Mushroom. Kill him with one hit and get the Vortex. 44.710 points.

Lower the Mushroom without getting any gems on the way. 44.730 points.

Head for the boat, hit the Hoodblaster with the Vortex so he becomes small and break the cage to get the Lockjaw. Kill the Hoodblaster behind the tree with one hit and quickly step on the Hoodblaster beside before he escapes behind the tree. 45.250 points.

Renew the lockjaw and quickly head back to the first room. Now it's time for the big combo in this part. Helicopter towards the red gem on the Mushroom in centre of the room, while charging your fist. After getting the red gem, quickly jump to the Mushroom next the one you came from. Turn around and kill the Hoodblaster with one hit. Very quickly head for the upper level and zoom in on the Matuvu (the second Hoodblaster have now jumped to the upper level and is shooting you while you zoom in on the Matuvu. It's rather disturbing and may cause several restarts before it's a success). As soon as the Matuvu is in the bag move very fast towards the pig and break it in combo. Collect the yellow gems and get the second Hoodblaster in combo with one hit. Continue the combo in the hallway with the Hoodblaster and the yellow gems (leave the two yellow gems in the path on the right for now), charge your fist and jump for the green gem and kill the Hoodlock with one hit. Return to get the remaining two yellow gems in the same combo. This combo is worth 12.160 points. 62.230 points.

Renew the Lockjaw and head for the upper level using the hook. Pass the Slapdashes without killing any of them. Turn left and kill the 5 Muddibogs in combo. Get the Vortex and kill the nearby Hoodboom. Return and finish off the two Slapdashes and head for the second Hoodboom. Finally kill the two Hoodblasters on top of the stairs in combo. 65.600 points.

Part 5

In the hall you see 3 yellow gems on the stairs. The idea is to combo each one of them with two hits on Razoff. First go to the room on the left and return quickly to find Razoff on top of the stairs. Strafe past the first yellow gem on the stairs and get the second. Send two curved shots at Razoff in quick succession as he runs away. You should thus get 200 points in combo. Repeat this with the first yellow gem and finally with the last one. 66.830 points.

The Stairs Combo

From the hall go left and enter the room with cage. Walk along the wall to the left so Razoff doesn't enter the room. Break the cage and you have a green gem. Go out of the room in the opposite end from where you entered and take the stairs. Turn left and you will find Razoff at a corner on top of the room with the green gem. Chase him and hit him two times in the back, fall down and get the green gem in combo. 70.130 points.

The Green Gem Combo

Go upstairs again and find a place in the hallway where you can hit Razoff in the back two times each time. First though, take one yellow gem in the hallway and hit Razoff two times. Get the remaining two yellow gems in combo as well. 70.580 points.

Hit Razoff in the back two times and repeat until you have done this ten times. 73.580 points.

The Hallway Combo

Here is a video that shows the entire part up until the Razoff glitch in the attic:

BOM part 5

Go further up the stairs until you find yourself in the room with 4 yellow gems. As you enter the room, Razoff will shoot at you. When done, exit the room at the other end. Come back and he will shoot at you again. Exit the room again, come back and he will shoot at you the last time. Exit the room and enter again. This time Razoff himself will appear and it is time for one of the most elusive combos of the entire game. The combo starts by giving Razoff a charged hit. Then continue the combo with the yellow gem on top of the box. Get the remaining yellow gems in combo while charging the fist. Hit Razoff 4 times in quick succession. 91.690 points.

Collect the remaining yellow gems and get the Matuvu. 92.000 points.

Note 1: The above combo is called the Razoff Triple Glitch and it involves hitting him four times before the cinematic starts. It's quite an ordeal and it requires a great deal of luck to do it. It is necessary, though, in order to get the maximum score of this level, which is 100.799 points.

Note 2: If you hit Razoff three times, it is called the Razoff Double Glitch and this is necessary in order to reach 99.999 points in BOM.

BOM part 5 - The Razoff Double Glitch

Note 3. I recommend you have more than 65.000 points after part 4. I do so because you will have to play part 5 numerous times in order to trigger the Razoff Glitch. If you have sufficient points after part 4, it is fast and easy to get to the final combo. If, however, you have 64.000 – 64.500 points after part 4 all is not lost. There is a way to combo the green gem for 3.000 points. It will give you about 700 points extra (it doesn't give you 1.500 points extra). In any case, the combo goes like this: Follow the stairs from the hall and turn left. When you enter the room Razoff will enter it too. Charge your fist and hit him, charge your fist again while taking the yellow gem in the room and hit him again. He will run out of the room. Follow him and hit him two times in the back. Fall down and take the green gem in combo for 3.000 points.

Part 6

Break the cage and hit Razoff until the HMF can appears. The whole idea in this part is to hit Razoff on the wrecking ball with the HMF without him falling off. If he falls off it's a restart.

You can make Razoff go where you want him to, so make him hit the wall near the camera right in the middle. If you stand on the cross between the first two stone pathways you can hit him very nicely (you must hit him orthogonally with respect to the end wall near the camera). Give him two, three or even four hits. If you hit too many times he will fall off. Each hit is worth 200 points. Repeat this until you have 98.999 points (you can always get hit in order to adjust the score). Now hit him five times (it doesn't matter if he falls off at this point). 100.799 points.

The Last HMF Can

Note: If you “only” managed the Double Glitch in part 5 you will have 87.500 points at the beginning of part 6. Here you will need the 3.000 points you get from killing Razoff in the end in order to reach 99.999 points. Thus you need 96.999 points before the 3.000 points are ticking in.

Hypothetical maximum

The potential maximum for this level should be 101.299 points. It requires you hit Razoff six times on the wrecking ball with the Heavy Metal Fist. Nobody knows yet if it's possible or not.