Teensies' friend

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Teensies' friend
Teensies' friend on PlayStation Vita
Rescue 150 Teensies
—Trophy achievement description, Rayman Legends (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
Rescue 100 Teensies
—Trophy achievement description, Rayman Legends (PlayStation Vita)

Teensies' friend is one of the unlockable trophies from Rayman Legends for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita and one of the unlockable Gamerscore achievements from the Xbox 360 version. By unlocking it, it rewards a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita player with a bronze trophy and an Xbox 360 player with 10G.

Tips and tricks

  • Just as described, this trophy is obtained by rescuing 150 Teensies in total during gameplay if playing on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, and 100 on the PlayStation Vita.

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