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Hi, I am Sabertooth 1000000000. I love the Rayman series and have been going on the Rayman Pirate-Community forum for a while now, about half a year. My favorite character (other than Rayman) is Murfy, because:

  • He's Rayman's "exposition fairy"
  • He makes smart remarks in both Rayman 3 and Rayman Arena
  • He's in almost every game
  • He's constantly voiced by Billy West
  • He wears the same jacket that the Teensies wear
  • He never stops smiling

Murfy1 R3.JPG

I also like Globox, the Teensies, Ly, Razorbeard, Andre, Dark Rayman, and all the good guys from Rayman 2.

Rayman 2: The Great Escape is my favorite Rayman game, but if I had a PS2, I'm sure it would be Revolution. XD

^^ Wow. I haven't looked at this page in six years. This is adorable.