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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rabbids Go Home
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Species Humans
Status Exterminators

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Very stylish and available in a large range of colors (green is the new black this fall), this inflatable suit will be your perfect partner for efficient Rabbid repelling…
—Official description, Rabbids Go Home

The Verminators are humans dressed in large rubber suits and sometimes in a gas mask to avoid any external contact. They are to exterminate the Rabbids in their sudden "Invasion" in Rabbids Go Home. The Verminators, like the other humans are scared by the Rabbids so they often attack as a group. Inside the suits, where there could be a man or a women, the visibility is reduced and the movements are awkward. On their back they bring with them something that resembles a red oxygen cylinder and that emits black smoke when they are hit. There are many different kinds of Verminator.

The Vermijumper is the most common kind of Verminator and can be seen in many levels of the game. The colour of their suits is green and their principal attack is a belly flop. If a Rabbid hit them with a Bwaaaah! attack they will start running away for a short time before trying to attack again. When hit for the second time they will explode revealing the human inside the suit. The number visible on their suits is 4.

Vermipenguins are another type of Verminator. The suit colour is orange and their principal attack is a long range headbutt. If they miss the Rabbids they will fall to the ground. Like Vermijumpers, are defeated with two Bwaaaah! attacks. They are the only kind of Verminator without a gas mask. When defeated they will explode like the vermijumpers. The number on their suits is 3.

Vermitorch are Verminators dressed in a blue suit. To attack they use a weapon that emits a burst of fire. Like the other Verminators they are defeated with two scream attacks. They will explode after the second hit. The number on their suits is 5.

Vermitop are a fourth type of Verminators. They are dressed in a black suit that is bigger than the other suits. To defeat the Rabbids they will start spinning and chasing their Enemies. When they finish to spin they are confused and before attacking again must pass some seconds. They are defeated with two screams like the others and they will explode when defeated. The number on their suits is 6.

Vermitank is the fifth and last tipe of Verminator encountered during the game that is defeated with two hits. They are probably Vermijumpers that are hidden behind a metallic shield armed with spikes. Their attack is chasing the Rabbids and try to attack them with the shield. They move with a little wheel and they have a really low visibility. If the Rabbids go behind them they will start looking around confused. The number on the suit is not visible because of the shield, but it is probably the same of the Vermijumpers.


  • In the last part of the game every human starts wearing a rubber suit and a gas mask, but the suits are smaller than the Verminator ones.
  • Sometimes Bulldogs are dressed with a green gummy suit to protect them that is similar to the Verminator's one.