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This small barbarian princess is a strong and fierce warrior. No one wields an axe quite like her: she can even glide along on it!
—In-game description, Rayman Legends
Rayman Legends 150812 008.png
Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman Legends
Portrayed by Douglas Rand

Sex Female
Species Human
Status Barbarian princess

Relatives Elysia (sister)

Barbara is a character from Rayman Legends. She is the princess of forest and castle world of Teensies In Trouble and is the first of ten princesses that Rayman and his friends must rescue. She is encountered in a room in the Teensies In Trouble gallery in which Dungeon Dash is encountered. Once this level is cleared, Barbara will be rescued and become playable, thus joining the heroes.


Barbara was first seen for a brief moment in a leaked trailer that was discovered in April 2012, more than a month before the game was officially revealed at E3 in June 2012. A trailer introducing her was released in August 2012.

At E3 in June 2013, Barbara makes an appearance in a CGI trailer for Rayman Legends made exclusively for the event, in which she rescues Rayman from the clutches of the Armored Toad.

In the 2014 Nintendo Wii U game Super Smash Bros for Wii U, Barbara can be found as a collectable trophy. She along with the Rayman and Globox trophies are given randomly at any point in the game and are found in the "Other" category, though they cannot be viewed in the Trophy Exhibit in the Gallery (therefore do not have a cabinet of their own). They can however be displayed and arranged in the Photo studio via the Hoard section.


Barbara is a young and beautiful barbarian girl who becomes Rayman's travel companion. Unlike the vast majority of female characters in the Rayman series, Barbara is a human barbarian. She wears a winged helmet, a green outfit consisting of a boobtube, skirt and trousers, and tan coloured furry boots, and a brown belt with a skull attached to it. She also has long, curly red hair, with two parts of it tied into ponytails at each side of her head, has one of her teeth missing, and a large scar across her face. Also unlike most characters in the Rayman series, she carries a weapon - a double edged battle axe which she wields to dispatch enemies, but can also use as a board to slide on surfaces.