Candy World

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Candy World
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Candy World is a world that was introduced in Rayman Fiesta Run. It is made up of 16 levels, which are varied between the normal jump and run levels, invaded levels, and shooter levels. Throughout the world, the heroes will encounter Tchip-Tchip, a guardian bird who will try to stop them.


Candy World is a land made entirely of presents, candy, sweets, and desserts much alike Candy Château. In some levels, the heroes will enter a city during the night. The city is made up presents, party decorations, and is infested with gnats.

Candy World map


  • Feet-free
  • Cater-plane!
  • Sugar devil
  • It's all sugar now!
  • Light please
  • It's crawling!!
  • Tchip-tchip
  • Eggs drop!
  • Ice sugar
  • Cotton Candy
  • Blind folded
  • Scrambled eggs
  • The Candy-tower
  • At-candy-de
  • Aerial battle!
  • Tchip-Tchip not happy!