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Rayman Fiesta Run
Rayman Fiesta Run
Published by Ubisoft
Developed by Ubisoft Casablanca

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Release date iOS & Android:

Worldwide 7th November, 2013
Windows Phone, 8 & 10:
Worldwide 5th February, 2014

Genre 2D platformer
Gameplay mode Single player
Platforms iOS, Android and Windows 8/RT
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Game engine UbiArt

Rayman Fiesta Run is a 2D platform game for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 and 10 devices. It is the second game in the Rayman Run series and a sequel to Rayman Jungle Run. On May 15th, 2014, the game was given a major update that added 16 levels that included a new world named, Candy World, and introduced Nightmare Mode. In 2016 a Windows 10 edition was released on the Windows Store.


Fiesta Run is set in the Origins universe, like its predecessor, Jungle Run. However, while the latter game focused on jungle themed levels, Fiesta Run uses more diverse level tropes, like the frozen seas and fiery kitchens of Gourmand Land. In addition, the levels contain more gimmicks lifted from the console games compared to Jungle Run, now allowing Rayman to swim, shrink for certain levels, and dive/slide. In addition, levels that allow Rayman to bounce between the foreground and background and boss battles were added. Finally, the Invaded level system from Rayman Legends makes an appearance for all levels of the game, except for the Land of the Livid Dead levels and the shooter levels in the Candy World. As a result of this diversity, the game features a world map showing the different locations, unlike Rayman Jungle Run which used a simpler level selection. The world map features many small islands that contain 1-4 normal levels each, not included the Invaded levels.

Rayman himself automatically runs in a predefined direction, like Jungle Run. The game is built around impulse reactions and timing, allowing the player to control attacking and jumping. The goal is to free 4 Teensies in each level by collecting Lums, of which there are 100 per level (only 81 need to be collected to free all of the Teensies, but all 100 are needed to unlock the level's Invaded counterpart). Freed Teensies allow Rayman to progress along the world map. Along the world map, the player will be rewarded with Lums, playable characters available for purchase, and wallpapers available for purchase. Collecting every single Teensie is necessary to reach the final Livid Dead level.

Candy World

Candy World is an expansion which can be unlocked by paying 5000 Lums for an entry ticket. In the Candy World, sidescrolling shooter levels make a return, but this time the hero is on their own and their only way to attack is by gathering and reloading themselves Blue Punches. The shooter levels don't have any Teensies to free. In the rest of the stages the main goal is to free the new pink Teensies.

The Candy World icon on the world map
The Candy World world map

Nightmare Mode

Nightmare Mode is a mode introduced in the Candy World Update. This mode puts the player into rushing through every invaded level in the game, excluding the ones from Candy World. In order to beat Nightmare Mode, the player must not die once. If they do, their progress is cleared and they must start from the very beginning. Finishing Nightmare Mode grants the player the Raywolf costume and 10,000 Lums.

The Nightmare Mode world map


In Jungle Run, Lums served no purpose except as collectibles to help reach the Land of the Livid Dead. In Fiesta Run, they allow the player to purchase utilities within levels, like hearts and Gold Fists, or extras, such as characters and artwork. If the game detects a copy of Jungle Run data on iCloud, it will match the number of Lums collected in that game and allow the player to spend them in Fiesta Run.


Permanent gadgets at the shop
Permanent gadgets at the shop
Gadgets for purchase within an individual level

Gadgets are power-ups which can be purchased either individually within levels or permanently in the shop for either Lums or real money. The following gadgets are available from the shop:

  • All Gadgets Pack: This pack includes all gadgets.
  • Magnet: The magnet attracts Lums round the hero, thus increasing the range to collect them.
  • Phoenix: The phoenix ads a check-point at the middle of the stage where the hero can respawn in case of death.
  • Too Much Help: This gadget shows how to complete the level with all of the Lums.
  • Golden Heart: The Golden Heart protects the hero from two hits.
  • Ultimate Flying Punch: The Ultimate Flying Punch gives the hero unlimited and stronger punches.
  • The All Gadgets Pack.
  • The Magnet gadget.
  • The Phoenix gadget.
  • The Golden Heart gadget.
  • The Ultimate Flying Punch gadget.


The three exclusive (RED) costumes.
The Raywolf costume.


  • All Heroes Pack
  • Christmas Pack
  • (RED)'s Pack


The menu screen during version 1.4.0.

Fiesta Run has received one major update with several minor ones adding new content and features. Below is a list with all of the updates on iOS with new content.

Version 1.0.1 - November 7, 2013

  • Game launched.

Version 1.0.3 - December 19, 2013

Version 1.1.0 - February 6, 2014

  • iOS controllers are now supported.

Version 1.2.0 - May 15, 2014

Version 1.3.1 - November 23, 2014

Version 1.4.0 - December 8, 2014 (iOS only)

Social network integrations


Main article: List of achievements in Rayman Fiesta Run

Fiesta Run has support for achievements through GameCenter on iOS devices, Google Play Games on Android devices and Xbox Live on Windows devices. The Windows 10 edition does however not have Xbox Live support, and thus no achievements or leaderboards. The game has a total of 25 achievements to be earned.


Fiesta Run has a total of 5 leaderboards; 4 for the Land of the Livid Dead levels and one for the Nightmare Mode.

  • Race "Back to the Roots"
  • Race "Leap of Faith"
  • Race "Watch the Snakes"
  • Race "Breath of Death"
  • Survivor "Born to Survive"

Cloud syncing

Fiesta Run is the first Rayman game to feature cloud syncing. On iOS devices the cloud syncing goes through iCloud. The Windows 10 edition removes this feature.

The cloud syncing is not automatic, like in Rayman Adventures, and has to be loaded and saved manually.

The syncing is done manually from the settings
When attempting to overwrite a save with a different progress the game will show a comparison of the two before the changes go in to effect


Fiesta Run is the second Rayman game with Facebook integration, with the PlayStation Vita version of Rayman Legends being the first. When signed in to Facebook, the player can compare their overall progress with their friends and view their recent in-game activity, such as completing levels and purchasing costumes. The player can then share their game info and receive 100 Lums (or 50 for sharing content from the activity log). Their Facebook avatar, as well as their friends, will be shown on the world map.

Game records

Main article: List of Rayman records

Rayman Fiesta Run has four Land of the Livid Dead levels, which save the players record times, and a survivor mode.


Unlike Rayman Jungle Run, where levels were divided into sections, each level has its own spot on a larger world map. Each normal level will have an Invaded counterpart, where levels will be populated with enemies, and are much more difficult. However, unlike the Invasion levels featuring in Rayman Legends, which were time trial iterations of their normal levels, the objective of Invaded levels in Fiesta Run remains the same as their normal counterpart, where they player must make their way through and collect as many Lums as possible. This gives a total of 72 levels in which the objective is to collect lums. There are 4 more levels which feature in the Land of the Livid Dead, and much like their counterparts from Jungle Run, these require the player to merely make it through the level and compete for the fastest time.

Normal Levels

An empty world map
A complete world map as it appeared prior to version 1.2.0
  • Splash and Bounce
  • Cold Burn
  • Beware of the blue mushrooms...
  • Cheese party
  • Mini Rayman Calorie free
  • Hot hot chocolate
  • Don't forget your umbrellas
  • Cake Park
  • Slippery Slopes
  • Dragon-hop
  • Giant Toboggan
  • Breathless slide
  • Chocolate Chunks
  • Chocolate city
  • Black or White
  • Chocolate island
  • Flying Fish Tails
  • Spike me if you can
  • Kitchen Nightmare
  • Hot dip
  • Giant BBQ
  • BBQ Party
  • Inferno Chef Cook
  • Dragon Soup
  • Inside or on the terrasse?
  • Unstable tool
  • Pop-Form
  • Salted or caramel popcorn?
  • Flying blades
  • Beware of the laserbeam!
  • Mecha diner
  • Catch of the day: "Rayman with vegetables"
  • Kitchen Mayhem
  • It's getting hot in here
  • Run or Burn
  • Boiling kitchen
  • Learning to fly
  • Mum! Look at this, I'm flying!
  • Flying fish
  • The 3 Elements
  • Air Boxing
  • Fisty-cuffs!
  • Ice storm
  • Iceberg storm
  • What an ice boy
  • Where are the brakes?
  • Spiky ice
  • A strange pool
  • Wintermint Breath
  • Tasty rayman
  • The Animal inside
  • Pepper meal
  • Acidy Reflux
  • Dragon Heart
  • Russian Hills
  • Cool loop
  • Out of my way
  • Pinball cook
  • A-maze-ing
  • I'm feeling sick...
  • Mini Rayman Maximum Taste
  • Giant Cook
  • Heartburn
  • Hot Burp
  • Hick up and down
  • Bubble Explosion
  • Reaching for the stars
  • When Daddy Cooks!
  • Next generation toaster
  • Giant Oven
  • Stomach bug
  • Gastric Fluids

Land of the Livid Dead Levels

  • Back to the Roots
  • Leap of Faith
  • Watch the snakes
  • Breath of Death

Candy World Levels

  • Feet-free
  • Cater-plane!
  • Sugar devil
  • It's all sugar now!
  • Light please
  • It's crawling!!
  • Tchip-tchip
  • Eggs drop!
  • Ice sugar
  • Cotton Candy
  • Blind folded
  • Scrambled eggs
  • The Candy-tower
  • At-candy-de
  • Aerial battle!
  • Tchip-Tchip not happy!


Through the course of the game, several gallery images will be available for purchase.




  • While the playable characters, Lums, and enemies use their updated sprites from Rayman Legends as well as some music from Rayman Legends, the game runs on the same version of the UbiArt framework that powers Rayman Origins and Rayman Jungle Run. This is evident in the lack of dynamic lighting in the game, as well as unused files that suggest so. Additionally, Rayman uses his voice clips from Rayman Origins.
  • This is the first Rayman game to feature cloud syncing. Although Rayman Jungle Run does have iCloud support, it is only for Fiesta Run to be able to check for Lums in that game.
  • Sprites of Edith Up have been ripped from the game, with the updated shading seen in Rayman Legends, suggesting that she may have been planned for inclusion in the game at some point.

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