Father of all the Globox

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Know this, O prince, in the Beginning was the Glorbe. A disk where the Gods fought for the lums. After these battles the Disk sank into lake Globys. One day a child let a mask fall into the lake. Then the Father of all the Globox arose from the waves. Out of his belly he took the Disk of the Gods. He gave it to the Globox People so they could play. That is the legend as the Globox people recount it.
—Unused Dreamcast script, Rayman 2

The Father of all the Globox is a mysterious nameless identity that has physical traits identical to Globox's species, except for being enormous in sizing and wearing three feathers on the top of his head. While he never made an official appearance, he was depicted through wall relieves and a giant stone statue in the Globys lake during the Dreamcast version of Rayman 2‘s Globox Disc minigame cinematic. It is not certain how this relates to deities like Polokus, who created the Glade of Dreams along with most, if not all, of its inhabitants.