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Globox Disc was also included in Rayman Revolution as an unlockable minigame.
Play the Game of the Gods! Wise men say that at the dawn of time the gods fought among themselves for power over the Lums. In this troubled period, the world was as flat as a disk and the Lums came out of its center. There was only one way to catch the Lums. That was to go to the center of the disk, get as many Lums as possible and take them to one of the bases at the limit of the disk. Now it's your turn to repeat the feat of the gods!
—In-game description, Rayman 2

Globox Disc, sometimes abbreviated as simply the Disk and alternatively known as the Glorbe and the Disk of the Gods, is a minigame which was created as an exclusive bonus for the Dreamcast version of Rayman 2. It was later included in Rayman Revolution, under the abbreviated name Glob Disk, or the further-abbreviated name BBDisc. The minigame is said to be a re-enactment of a mythic battle between the gods at the dawn of time, when they fought for control of the Yellow Lums (hence yet another alternate name, the Game of the Gods).

In the minigame, the player takes control of a baby Globox of their choice. The options include a standard blue male baby, a standard pink female baby, Brainox, Bimbette, Catastrox, Hardrox, Oktette and an unnamed yellow baby. The player controls the baby of their choice as they make their way through a revolving disc-shaped labyrinth, collecting power-ups and avoiding dangerous objects and red Jano-like creatures. The player must grab some glowing lights (representing Yellow Lums) from the center of the Disc, then get them to a base at one of the Disc's corners. When the symbolic Lums are taken to a base, the player gains a number of points. The game offers multiple customisable options regarding how many points are required to win and whether or not there is a time limit. The game also features multiplayer options, where two players can compete for Lums.

In the Dreamcast version, Globox Disc is the third of three minigames accessible from the Globox Village, the first being Pyralums and the second being Weblums. In order to open the portal leading to Globox Disc, Rayman must collect all of the six Glob Crystals which are hidden throughout the game. In this version, Globox Disc has its own cinematic intro sequence, in which the player gets to see some wall-inscriptions apparently made by Globoxes to describe the legend of the Glorbe. A baby Globox nearby then drops the third mask of Polokus into the lake of Globys, causing the Father of all the Globox's statue to arise and reveal the Disc itself for the Globox people to play.

In Rayman Revolution, BBDisc is one of the three minigames accessible from the Magic Wells. It is unlocked by paying 200 Yellow Lums after buying all power upgrades – overall, 800 Yellow Lums must be collected to reach this stage. The player can then purchase access to the Missile Dogfight for an additional 150 Yellow Lums (950 Yellow Lums must be collected overall), and Baby Football for another 50 Yellow Lums (all 1000 Yellow Lums must be collected).