Ly's Palace

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Ly's Palace
Ly's Palace
Spellbound Forest Coconut Island
League The Expert League
League Cup 3 (Beginner), Cup 7 (Pro)

Ly's Palace is a battle arena in the Expert League of Rayman M. It is unlocked after the completion of all of the Lum Springs in the Advanced League.


Similar to the Sanctuary of Water and Ice, it is a cold looking room which has a statue of Ly the Fairy in the middle, her only cameo in the game other than the back cover of the European version. It features a symmetrical circular room with 4 slides so that the elevated platform in the middle may be reached. There are also 2 rooms that are cut out of the wall and elevated behind waterfalls. In Rayman Arena, some elements are red coloured and the central platform is being held by a magical force.


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