Murphy's Dungeon

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The Murphy's Dungeon painting.

Murphy's Dungeon is one of five areas in Rayman Legends in which the Online Challenges are set in. Outside of the challenges, this area is encountered as Dungeon Dash and Dungeon Chase, the fourth and seventh levels in Teensies In Trouble, the first world of the game. As the name implies, it is set inside a dungeon and Murphy is there to help the player by moving several obstacles and slapping fire ghosts out of the way.


A distance challenge, within Murphy's Dungeon

Murphy's Dungeon is similar to the Land of the Livid Dead in that it features the player running through an endless corridor. This corridor follows the castle-like theme seen in the Teensies in Trouble world, with stone construction and medieval contraptions made of wood and gears, as well as metal spiked balls and tubes. Lividstones and fire ghosts feature as enemies.

As implied by its name, Murphy's Dungeon involves the usage of Murphy, who is exclusive to this challenge. The player will need to navigate through various obstacles as their chosen player character, and use Murphy to move platforms, obstacles, cut ropes and defeat fire ghosts, who will otherwise cause the player to be bubblised and end the challenge if they come into contact with them.

Challenges in Murphy's dungeon tend to focus on distance, however, there can also be challenges focused on getting a set amount of lums within a given time limit.