People of Prhys

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Ly is a wild and independent fairy. She dresses like the People of Prhys, shares their secrets, and, like Rayman, protects them from harm
Ly the Fairy dresses like the People of Prhys

The People of Prhys are a mysterious race which live somewhere in the Glade of Dreams. Very little in known about them, as they are mentioned only in early Rayman 2 sites, and seem to have been scrapped from the final version of the game. It appears that the People of Prhys wore similar clothes to those of Ly the Fairy (who wears a pale yellow suit covered with purple stripes and swirls). It is stated that they share their secrets with her and depend on her and Rayman for protection, suggesting that the player would have had to aid them at certain points in the game had they not been removed.