Red monster

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Red monster
Red monster
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman
Location Bongo Hills

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Resistance Invincible
Attacks Contact, lightning bolts, drumming

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Red monsters, also known as red drummers,[1] are uncommon enemies found in Band Land. There are only two in the whole of the original Rayman game, and they do not appear at all in Rayman Junior or Rayman Designer.

They are huge and invincible enemies, but in spite of their characteristics, they are less dangerous than they appear to be. Almost static, except for a few steps that they regularly take, their attacks consist in hitting the floor with their maces, which creates lightning bolts, and waving them, which Rayman must watch out for if he tries to pass above them.

Their amazing size can be a disadvantage for them though, as it is possible to sneak between their body and their feet, with the help of a moving cloud.


  1. None of these names are official, for the real one is unknown.