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The Shootarium

‘Make sure your aim is true! It's time to find out if that pretty face is pretty, or just plain stupid!’Professor Albert Einequen's quote in Raving Rabbids Travel in Time's manual

The Shootarium is one of the Museum's sections in Raving Rabbids Travel In Time. In this room the Rabbids go inside a mine car and the player is able to shoot toilet brushes in any place of the screen and move the Rabbid by grabbing him and throwing him as well to any place of the screen. The main gameplay genre in Shootarium's minigames is first-person shooter game. The section also features the following activities: the Juggling and the Basketball.

The minigame paintings

The Shootarium section has got four playable minigames:

The trophies

The Shootarium section has got 33 unlockable trophies:

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