The Echoing Caves (Rayman Activity Centre)

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The Echoing Caves, not to be mistaken for the Rayman 2 level of the same name is an activity from Rayman Activity Centre which is accessible via the world map. Players are taken to the cave where Rayman once fought Mr. Skops in the original game, where the voice of the 'The Clown in Love' points out the loud echoes which rebound off the walls.


The Echoing Caves is a basic concentration game, with players matching up pictures with their matching sound effect (represented by a friendly note) by memorising what is on the back of each stone slab. For example, a picture of Rayman sleeping would match with a snoring sound. There are several sets to each level. Halfway through each level, Rayman will appear (often with with a radio) and start a performance (such as lip-synching to opera music, dancing, ham-boning and acting as a conductor to music).

Level 1

On the first difficulty setting, both the slabs with the pictures and the slabs with the music notes play sound effects, making it easy to match them up. After all concentration sets are complete, Rayman plays a game of basketball, using the statue of Mr Skops as the hoop. However, when he does this, the statue comes to life and growls at him, causing Rayman to look at the player with a peeved expression.

Level 2

The second difficulty setting removes sound effects from the images, meaning players have to associate the sounds from the notes with the silent images. At the end of the level, Rayman plays basketball again. This time, the statue uses the ball and as a gumball, and blows a bubble with bursts over the screen, much to the dislike of Rayman.

Level 3

The final level has a time limit, which is represented by a piece of cheese which is slowly nibbled away by a limbless mouse. After the final sets are complete, Rayman plays basketball one last time, and the statue spits the ball back out, causing it to rebound off the walls and knock Rayman off his feet.