The Sea of Lums

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The Glade of Dreams and its archipelago are surrounded by the Sea of Lums.

The Sea of Lums is the sea which surrounds the Glade of Dreams, the island on which the events of Rayman 2, Rayman M, Rayman 3 and possibly the original Rayman game take place. It is unknown why this sea is called “The Sea of Lums”, though its name may have some connection to Blue Lums, which are found in water. It may also have some connection to the 20,000 Lums Under the Sea levels in Rayman Legends.

Rayman's earliest known chronological appearance occurred on the shore of the Sea of Lums. He was found by fishermen, sleeping under a palm tree on the beach.

It is not known how the Sea of Lums relates to the Looming Sea, another sea mentioned in the Rayman series.