20,000 Lums Under the Sea

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20,000 Lums Under the Sea, also known as the Sea of Serendipity in Rayman Adventures, is the fourth world of paintings in Rayman Legends and the fourth world in Rayman Adventures. It is a water-and-machine based world, which takes cues from various spy tropes; for example, the James Bond theme can be heard during certain underwater sections. Several reoccurring elements from Rayman Origins, and the same name being used in Rayman Adventures, suggests that this world takes place in the Sea of Serendipity.


20,000 Lums Under the Sea mainly takes place in an underwater base, with many pipes of different lengths and crates. Some parts of the base have windows where there's the familiar singing group of fish from Rayman Origins. Several areas in the base are underwater where the heroes use their swimming ability. The bodies of water are filled with rocks and mines and Dark Sentries. One part of the world takes place in a mansion, with red carpet and gold platforms. Mechanical gears at a late point can be seen, suggesting the fight against the boss of the world, the Mechanical Dragon.

Rayman Legends

20,000 Lums Under the Sea
20,000 Lums Under the Sea
Fiesta de los Muertos Olympus Maximus
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After defeating El Luchador and the third Dark Teensy, Rayman and his team of heroes enter 20,000 Lums Under the Sea. They start out in the Mysterious Inflatable Island; the name is a reference to the bouncy, inflatable island they land on at the start of the level. They immediately begin to swim underwater after jumping off the island. Underwater, they have to get through the Dark Sentries, a very common enemy in the world that cannot be defeated.

They end up in an underwater base, where most Underwater Toads with guns reside at. The landscape of the base are pipes and crates. Murfy is needed in several parts of the Deadly Lights to move objects or push buttons to block the Dark Sentries' dangerous laser-like lights. A small mansion can be seen in Mansion of the Deep, with big aquariums, gold and a fancy red carpet. The heroes begin to alternate between swimming underwater and walking on the platforms of the base.

Later on, after surviving an ambush of Underwater Toads on two pipe simulations of an elevator, they meet up with the fourth Dark Teensy. He whistles for a large, creature-eating Sea Dragon to hunt down the heroes. After a long chase in the water, the team pulls on a lever that drains the water, and defeats the Sea Dragon. This shortly leads up to the Mechanical Dragon being activated. The heroes must take advantage of the recently acquired Blue Punch power-up to attack the weak spot of the Mechanical Dragon and destroy it. The Dark Teensy shortly after suffers the same fate as the first three.

Gloo Gloo, the music level of the world presumably is in the Sea of Serendipity from Rayman Origins. Elements from that world like the underwater caves, the wooden platforms and enemies like swordfish and a warship appear in this music level. This suggests that 20,000 Lums Under the Sea actually is in the Sea of Serendipity, though this is not confirmed.


Rayman Adventures

Sea of Serendipity
Sea of Serendipity
Toad Story Wild, Wild East
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Can you handle the pressure?
Ominous mechanisms turn and churn under the sea...

The Sea of Serendipity is the fourth world in Rayman Adventures. It is unlocked once the Sacred Tree grows to at least 380 meters high.

Underwater Base

The Underwater Base levels take place under the water with most levels involving the player making his way through pipes filled with water.

Submarine Hangar

The Submarine Hangar, also known as Underwater Hangar, levels usually involve a more mechanical theme, with many of its level having switches which need to be triggered in order to reach the Captain.

Open Ocean

The Open Ocean, also known as Underwater Nemo, levels take place out in the ocean.