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User:Elite piranha/Rayman Lost Media

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Lost media

Ad for the Rayman 3 PC Demo Discs [FOUND]

In May 24, 2009, a video titled: "Rayman Tribute 3: Stand Up (For the Champions)" was uploaded to YouTube by user Sabertooth1000000000, which contained a very short clip around 1:05 of Rayman coming out of a Menew banner, it was mentioned in the comments that it was from an advert for the Rayman 3 PC Demo Discs and that another video of the ad used to be on YouTube, but that it disappeared at some point. In April 26, 2021, user ratchazeinferno13 made a post in the Lost Media Wiki forums about the ad, stating that: "It was at least 5 seconds long and it featured Rayman jumping of a blue banner and then he spins around and transforms into the Demo Discs"; according to this user the first upload of the video was between 2006-2007.[1] In November 11, 2022, YouTube user Miss-Cerasus uploaded an extended version of the clip (only by a few seconds) with no audio, which showed the part where Rayman transforms into a disc; according to the description of the video, the clip was from RaymanZone.[2] Both the 14 seconds version of the ad with sound and the 3 seconds version with no sound, can also be found in the Internet Archive (uploaded by Foulowe59 on April 8, 2021).

Rayman 4 logo from the Ubisoft Gaming Session 2005

Episode 5 of the Rayman Animated Series: My Fair Lac-Mac

Lost games


An old flash game from 2001/2002, where the player has to help a baby Globox cross the road without getting run over.

Lost merchandise

RRR Cheese Heads ruler [FOUND]

In December 2012, RPC user HappyHaunter mentioned that someone from Montreal was selling a Rayman Raving Rabbids ruler from a Cheese Heads promotion at eBay (possibly between 2009 and 2010).[3] The ruler had a moving picture of Rayman shooting a plunger at a Rabbid. In November 2021, the Cheese Heads ruler was added to the article of Rayman merchandising by Davidsosa, however no image of the ruler was available until YouTube user FrameRater uploaded a video in December 2022 about Rayman 4's Prototype, in which he included footage of the ruler at the end of the video.[4]


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