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Several merchandise based on characters and items from the Rayman series have been produced.

Rayman sitting on a cloud keychain

The keychain

This keychain was given away at E3 in 1995, it depicts Rayman smiling while sitting on a cloud, it is unknown if the keychain was available for selling in other places.

Atari Jaguar's Rayman 1 pulse watch

The Rayman 1 pulse watch

In 1995, it was given away at the release of the Atari Jaguar version of Rayman 1 a promotional pulse watch in the United States of America. It isn't known if more countries gave this pulse watch away and its existence was only known by the community at 29 November 2012. It is one of the rarest Rayman items known.

French LU's Cracotte Craquinette Rayman 1 promotion

The 16 "Craq's" were one of the very first products of merchandising of Rayman.

In 1995, after the release of the very first Rayman game, a cookie brand named LU promoted a small collection of sixteen "Craq's" about Rayman 1 as a freebie in the Cracotte Craquinette product packages to collect. This promotion was only done in France and these "Craq's" are not findable for sale anywhere.

Rayman 1 watch

Rayman watch French giveaway.jpg

This watch was given away in French supermarket called Carrefour. This was a special pack with Playstation 1 or Saturn version of Rayman. The watch strap is in leather and the case in metal. I come in a watch box and the whole pack was a special blister.

Rayman 1 keychain

A keychain of Rayman

A French videogame magazine named Picsou Magazine gave away a Rayman keychain in the edition of December 1998. It is unknown if the keychain was available for selling in other places and in other countries.

Guillemot's DualShock Rayman 1 controller

A DualShock controller of Rayman

A French company named Guillemot released a quadripack for the PlayStation, including Rayman 1's game copy, a writing pen, a memory card and a controller with Rayman drawn on one of the handlers. It was available in France and in other countries.

Rayman 1 Cap

Rayman cap back.jpg
Rayman cap face.jpg

This is a cap depicting Rayman logo and head embroided probably from Rayman 1 version on the front. The back get "Ubisoft" embroided.

Rayman Coin Wallet

Rayman Coin Wallet.jpg

It's a Rayman coin wallet depicting Rayman maybe as he look in Rayman 1 or Rayman Game Boy Color version. There is no brand label so it could be a promotional item.

Rayman stickers

Several newer copies of the Game Boy Color version of Rayman in Europe came with a small sticker booklet and some stickers based on Rayman 2 and the animated series artwork. The rest of the stickers could be obtained at the now-defunct official Rayman 2 website, Rayman2.com.

Rayman 2: The Great Escape Yo-yo

The box and the Yo-Yos of Rayman 2

The online store of Ubisoft from the United States of America did a pre-order campaign that gifted the people who pre-ordered the game, a Rayman 2 yo-yo.[1] It is unknown if the Yo-Yo was available for selling in other places and in other countries.

French McDonald's Happy Meal's Rayman 2: The Great Escape promotion

The official McDonald's stand
The French McDonald's Rayman 2 collection

The French restaurants of McDonald's did a Happy Meal promotion of six Rayman 2 figures between the 17th May 2000 and the 13th June 2000 - at least one complete collection is known to be owned by a member of the fanbase. Its exclusive limited distribution in the Metropolitan France territory makes this collection very hard to find nowadays; despite of some of the figures being found in the French eBay. It was discovered in 11 April 2014 that existed a silver coloured and golden coloured variants of the "Rayman sitting on a plum" figure. Whoever was getting the silver figure, he/she would be awarded with a PC copy of Rayman 2: The Great Escape and whoever was getting the golden figure, he/she would be awarded with a top-range computer along with the PC copy of Rayman 2: The Great Escape". This contest was described in the Happy Meal bags, that contained and a Rayman 2 artwork of Rayman riding a Walking Shell. If a person was getting a Happy Meal bag with Rayman blinking an eye in the artwork, he/she would get a power card with tips and tricks of Rayman 2: The Great Escape. It is currently unknown how the power card looked like.

The collection has got the following figures:

  • Rayman sitted in a plum: This figure measures (approximately) 10 cm of height, 5 cm of length and 7 cm of width. When the wheels of the plum drag in the floor, Rayman's hair spins like a helicopter.
  • Rayman riding a Walking Shell: This figure measures (approximately) 9 cm of height, 11,5 cm of length and 7,5 cm of width. When the chess-paterned exhaust system of the Walking Shell is turned clockwise and the figure itself is putted in the floor, it will walk forward and occasionally turning to the sides in circles.
  • Ly the Fairy with a Silver Lum: This figure measures (approximately) 9,5cms of height, 4,5 cm of length and 6 cm of width. Ly's arms can be moved up or down, but if the right arm is moved up, the transparent globe in her legs will glow into red.
  • Globox: This figure measures (approximately) 9 cm of height, 4,5 cm of length and 8 cm of width. Globox's arms can be moved up or down. When the clockwork, located in the down-right side of the figure, is turned his mouth will open and close alternately and Globox will walk slowly step by step.
  • Red-ranked Henchman 800: This figure measures (approximately) 11,5 cm of height, 8 cm of length and 11 cm of width. The Henchman's arms can be moved up and down, while the belt and the hook can be turned. When the lever, located in his back, is pressed slowly and repeatedly, the chest will glow with sparks.
  • Robo-Pirate cage: This figure measures (approximately) 8 cm of height, 8,5 cm in length and 8cms of width. It has got a black Robo-Pirate symbol in his top and the cage shape is equal to the in-game model. When a clockwork is turned clockwise, some random glowings can be seen in the center of a red sphere located in the front of the cage. It also has a black suction cup on the bottom, to hold it in place.

Rayman standing beside a bush

This figure was gifted with some copies of Rayman 2: The Great Escape

This PVC figure with approximately 9 cm of height has got Rayman standing side to a bush, with the yellow logo of "RAYMAN" written behind it - at least two figures are known to be owned by members of the fanbase. It is known to have been bundled with some copies of Rayman 2: The Great Escape in France and Germany. It could be bought in the boutique section of the official website of French Ubisoft. The M6 Multimedia pack of the PC version of the game is one of the most known packs that bringed this rare figure, hard to find nowadays.

Rayman 2 PlayStation shoulder bag

A shoulder bag of Rayman 2

A French company named Guillemot released a mega pack for the PlayStation, including Rayman 2's game copy, a memory card, a VHS of Rayman: The Animated Series and a shoulder bag with Rayman embroidered on it. It was available in France and in other countries.

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc bag

The official RaymanZone magazine included a black Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc bag as a freebie, depicting Rayman attacking with a Lockjaw. Since the magazine was only released in the United Kingdom, the bag wasn't available anywhere else.

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc Black lum plush

The plush

This official Black lum plush was first made for E3 2002, as shown in some pictures and it was later given away in some raymanzone contests along other items such as pens, magnets, stickers and a rubik cube. It is a very hard to find item nowadays.

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc flask

The Rayman 3 flask.

This Promotional Rayman 3 flask was given away in some Rayman 3 contests with other goodies such as pens, magnets, shirts and an OXMOX Rayman 3 statue of Rayman holding himself on the Leptys scepter.

On the front of the flask, there's a Rayman 3 logo and a plum. There isn't anything on the back of the flask.

At least one flask is known to be owned by a member of the fanbase.

Rayman doing a grimace on a mushroom

This figure was made to promote the release of Rayman 3

This resine figure with approximately 15 cm of height is a recreation of an artwork depicting the Grimace power in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc - at least three statues are known to be owned by members of the fanbase. It is said that few hundreds of units were created worldwide for the Rayman 3's Press Kit, which contained some straw, a costumized box, a press dossier, two press discs and an artwork book. It is one of the rarest Rayman items that are known to exist. The statue was briefly found for selling in Pix 'N' Love's online store but it quickly sold out as soon as it was discovered. This little statue also makes a cameo in the "Fact number 2 of Bunnies very useful scientific facts: Bunnies don't do vacuum cleaning".

Rayman doing a grimace on a mushroom (M6 Interactions version)

This figure bears a strong resemblance to the Press Kit Rayman 3 figure.

This figure is approximately 9 cm tall and was created by M6 Interactions. It was released in 2004 as part of an unknown promotion in Quick restaurants, alongside other video game character figures. Much like the resin Rayman 3 statue, it depicts Rayman grimacing on top of a mushroom, which stands on a green base with "RAYMAN" sculpted on the front, with the bottom of the figure reading "Métropole collections/M6 Interactions, Designed by Neamedia". The material it is made out of is unknown, although it is fairly heavy and solid, much like clay or polystone. It is a considerably rare piece of Rayman merchandise, with appearances on eBay being extremely infrequent and only three members of the fanbase known to own one.

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc promotional Rubik's Cube

One of the faces of the Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc Rubik's cube

This Rubik's cube was given away in some contests in the Raymanzone forums with some other goodies, it has 6 faces depicting various Rayman 3 characters including André and an Hoodboom.

Plush of Rayman on a Walking Shell

The small version of the plush
The medium version of the plush

This plush is known to have been sold in the United Kingdom, France and in Spain during the Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc's release. It was available in a small and medium size and they are rare items to find nowadays - at least five plushes are known to be owned by members of the fanbase. Both versions of the plush have different facial expressions: the small version represents a neutral expression of Rayman while the medium version represents an angry expression of Rayman.

Oddly enough, the cloth tag at the rear end of the plush bears the Rayman 3 logo, yet the only feature that is based on the style in said game is the red hood - the rest of the plush's features are based on the Rayman 2 design.

They are believed to have been distributed by Play By Play, a plush toy company based in Spain, according to the cloth tag.

Rayman holding himself in Leptys' scepter

This real-life sized statue of 1,80m of height is one of the most rare items of the entire merchandise. It could be found commonly in gaming shops during the release of Rayman 3, as this statue had purposes of promoting the game's release. Ubisoft did a contest in the RaymanZone Magazine in which one of the prizes was the statue of Rayman holding himself in Leptys' scepter.

A life-sized promotional Rayman 3 figure which depicts Rayman holding the Sceptre of the Leptys.

Rayman 3 Stamp

Rayman 3 stamp.jpg

On the 14/11/2015, this stamp was released in France along with a collection of stamps called "Collection jeunesse : 2005 Héros de jeux vidéo". This collection portrayed other iconic video games heroes. Since 3 million Rayman stamps were produced, it is a common item to collect.[2]

Rayman DS pocket for the Nintendo DS

The Dutch pocket
The French pocket

This pocket was included as a gift to the people who pre-ordered Rayman DS in the aderent shops of Netherlands and France - at least one pocket is known to be owned by one member of the fanbase.. Both countries' pockets have different designs, but both are designed to store and protect an original Nintendo DS.

North American Game Boy Advance's Rayman 10th Anniversary special pack

Some of the content of the North American Game Boy Advance's Rayman 10th Anniversary pack

A special pack was sold in the United States of America and Canada, in Walmart shops. The pack contained the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 10th Anniversary and school materials all costumized in the North American style of Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. The materials were one pencil case, three pencils, one rubber, a notebook and a portfolio.

"Bunny Gonzales" figurine

Rayman riding a Rabbid while wearing the Goth costume from Rayman Raving Rabbids.

This figurine was once available to buy from the now defunct Ubi Art store as a means to promote the release of Rayman Raving Rabbids in 2006, until 2009 when it became unavailable before the store disappeared - at least two statues are known to be owned by members of the fanbase. It is a resin figurine that depicts Rayman riding on the back of a large Rabbid, while wearing the Goth costume from said game. It is the last figuring based on Rayman himself to have been manufactured, before a large amount of Rabbids merchandise became available.

"The Art of Rayman Origins" book

"The Art of Rayman" book is part of the Collector's Edition of Rayman Origins

This art book contains 50 illustrated pages of high quality. The hardcover variant was available in North America via a pre-order of Rayman Origins on Amazon, and in Europe through the Collector's Edition, exclusive to the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 consoles. This edition also came with the official soundtrack and a 3D cardboard pop-up display. A paperback version of the art book was released exclusively in Russia as part of the Rayman Origins Collector's Edition for the PC, with most of the text in the book translated into Russian.

Rayman Origins keychain

Rayman Origins Key-Chain Rayman Origins

This keychain was a promotional item given away at gaming conventions in Birmingham at the time of the release of Rayman Origins. As well as a few other conventions across Germany and France.

Rayman Origins slapping bag

The slapping bag

Before the release of Rayman Origins in 2011, Best Buy offered a small "slapping bag" as a pre-order bonus. One side features Globox with the game's logo, while the other side features Rayman himself.

Rayman Legends Steelbook

A promotional case of Rayman Legends

This Steelbook was only released along the Rayman Legends game copies for a limited period of time in France and Germany. These were also available as a pre-order bonus from some retailers.

Pinny Arcade PAX Prime 2013 Rayman Legends Pin

The Rayman Legends Pinny Arcade pin.

The Pinny Arcade Rayman pin was released as part of a promotion by Penny Arcade, alongside other pins from a variety of different games. This particular pin was given out at the PAX Prime event in 2013 to attendees who pre-ordered Rayman Legends at the Ubisoft booth. This pin is just under 4 cm tall and less than half a millimetre thick, coloured with silver outlining. It resembles Rayman's head, drawn in the style of Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends.

Rayman 20th anniversary medallion

The Rayman 20th anniversary medallion.
The back of the Rayman 20th anniversary medallion.

The Rayman 20th anniversary medallion is one of the prizes of the “I love Rayman” contest. It could also be gained by sending “!raffle” in the chat of the Rayman 20th anniversary live stream. Ubisoft's employees have all received this medallion.

The medallion is made out of metal. Above, “Rayman 20th Anniversary” is written on the edges. Below, “1995 - 2015” is written, still on the edges. On the right and left edges, there are stars. The medallion contains Rayman, who's wearing sunglasses, and a palm tree. On the back of the medallion, there is the Ubisoft logo. On the edges, stars have been replaced by circles, above “Rayman 20th Anniversary” is again written and below it is written “Ubisoft Studios in France”.

Rayman Paris GamesWeek T-Shirt

The T-shirt

This official T-shirt was given away at the Paris GamesWeek in 2015, it depicts Rayman in his original style with the text: Rayman Vintage, your hero est 1995. It is extremely rare and it was given away to very few people. The T-shirt has also been released in the mystery box "Wootbox" of July 2016, along other officially licensed retro videogame merchandise.

Rayman Mini Shirt

Rayman Mini shirt 2.jpg
Rayman Mini shirt 1.jpg

This simple black shirt have a pocket printed with Rayman Mini logo and Rayman, Globox and Barbara on the bottom of the pocket. It was available to purchase by Ubisoft employee in there internal store (at least in Ubisoft Monptellier).

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