Xowar minigame

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The Xowar is the kindest of creatures. Convinced that Rayman suffers through not having arms and legs, he runs after him to put an end to his torment. To move, use the left analog stick. To jump, press the jump button.
—In-game description, Rayman 3

Examination of the files on the Rayman 3 disc show that a Xowar minigame was intended to be in Rayman 3. The title of this minigame unknown.


This minigame was likely a recycled version of the scrapped Xowar boss fight from the Clearleaf Forest in which Rayman would have escaped the battle during a race/chase (viewed from the front), while doing his best to avoid certain obstacles. Little else is know about this minigame. The Xowar was initially removed as a boss because he was too large for the programmers to work with, and the minigame probably for similar technical reasons.