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The Xowar
Alignment Neutral

Appears in Rayman 3
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Sex Male
Species Gorilla
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This species of gigantic gorilla reached an advanced state of development: a 2D sketch, followed by 3D modelling, had been made of him. He was intended to be a boss from the Clearleaf Forest into which Rayman escaped during a race/chase (viewed from in front), while doing his best to avoid certain obstacles. Unfortunately, the programmers found this enormous character too difficult to "tame" because of his size. However, though he was set aside, the more skillful Rayman 3 players succeeded in detecting his presence in a hidden level at the end of the game.
—VIP-zone description, RaymanZone
The Xowar is the kindest of creatures. Convinced that Rayman suffers through not having arms and legs, he runs after him to put an end to his torment. To move, use the left analog stick. To jump, press the jump button.

The Xowar, also known as the Xovar, is a species of gigantic gorilla-like creature from Rayman 3. In all its appearances it has a distinctive tusk protruding from the right side of its lower jaw.

Development and the Xowar minigame

The Xowar was planned to be the boss of Clearleaf Forest, and Rayman would have escaped the battle during a race/chase (viewed from the front), while doing his best to avoid certain obstacles (similar to the idea of the fight with Foutch in Rayman 2), but its size made it too difficult for the programmers to work with, so it was replaced by Master Kaag. Another reason for dropping the Xowar was because there was nothing in the game story to justify a pursuit.[1]

In the loading screen of Rayman 3 and for the PC demo version, a Xowar is partially shown, lining up with various Hoodlums for a police mugshot.

According to an examination of the files on the Rayman 3 disc, a Xowar minigame was once planned for inclusion in the game. The premise of the minigame was that the Xowar is the kindest of creatures, and that it takes pity on Rayman due to the fact that he has no limbs. Convinced of Rayman's suffering, the Xowar chases him in an attempt to kill him and put him out of his supposed misery. The player would presumably have controlled Rayman as he fled from the Xowar. The Xowar minigame's description is similar to that of the scrapped Xowar boss fight in the Clearleaf Forest, making it seem likely that the minigame was a recycled version of the fight. It is not known why the minigame was omitted from the final version of the game; the Xowar was initially removed as a boss because he was too large for the programmers to work with, and the minigame may have been removed for similar technical reasons.

In Rayman 3

The Xowar can still be seen at two places in the final version of the game:

  • In a secret room found just before the final Reflux fight in the Tower of the Leptys. In this secret room, generally known to players as the Xowar secret, there are three room-sized (and unbreakable) cages, each containing a different scrapped character. One cage holds a Glute, one holds an in-game model of a Bonton similar to the one in the intro video (except the one in the cage is blue), in the third cage is a Xowar running on a treadmill.

Three unused animations are still present in the game for the Xowar: one where he hits the ground with its front legs, another where it beats its chest, and one where it collapses to the ground, presumably after being defeated.[2]


A Xowar with a Sylkin on its back.
The Xowar, as seen in the RaymanZone ranklist.

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