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Re: Rayman 3 PC - Savegame Weirdness
That's interesting. Does your progress show correctly in RCP (Rayman Control Panel) with the Hebrew saves? You can also decode and/or convert the saves in RCP to make them readable. Would be interesting to see what's different.

Rayman 3 PC - Savegame Weirdness
A long time ago I beat the English version of Rayman 3. When I got the Hebrew version, I decided to replay the whole game, and now I've got two different savefiles, one in each version.

Yesterday when I got the Russian version, I decided to simply import one of my older saved games, because I assumed they would be compatible (since the same executables can be used across all versions - the language is determined by the data files).

Turns out the saves are sort-of compatible, but not fully. When loading the game, the final score, the beaten levels, the score for each level and the total number of cages are preserved, however:
  • Bonus levels, videos and extra content ("Wanna Kick Rayman") is not preserved - all of them are unavailable as if the game has just been started.
  • And this is the weirdest thing - the game seems confused and does not properly keep track of which cages have been released. When a level is replayed, every cage triggers the cage medal, and the total goes beyond the max for the level. Moreover, it fails to even keep track of the cages broken in the current playthrough, so you can go beyond twice the maximum. I replayed CF twice, breaking 7 cages the first time, 10 the second time, and now my total for the level is displayed as 27/10 (and the game shows 77 cages total). I assume the count will increase further by replaying levels, but don't know it will hit some maximum or just wrap-around / error out at some point).
  • Unlike cage counts, points are not accumulated. When replaying a level, the final score is not updated, unless it's improved (normal behavior)
  • The point targets for unlocking extras and bonus levels are not triggered (probably because the total score has exceeded them already).
I tried to do savegame mixes between other versions as well (English save in Hebrew version or vice versa) - the behavior has always been the same as reported above.

Is this a known glitch?

Re: Rayman 3 PC Hebrew version - again
PluMGMK wrote:
Sat Feb 09, 2019 2:20 pm
dr_st wrote:
Sat Feb 09, 2019 9:20 am
PluMGMK wrote:
Thu Feb 07, 2019 8:24 pm
Well, the Polish and Russian versions include an extra Slapdash in FC, so at least one has to be official.
Good Lord, an extra Slapdash! That would affect the entire maximum score system! Where? Where? :mrgreen:
He's just standing there when you enter the council building (the first room of part 3). Cut (aka Fluorineer) did a stream on Twitch before where he tried to see if it could improve the maximum score. I don't think it ended up being very useful though.
Actually, I just realized that this Slapdash is in the Hebrew version as well. :lol:

Re: Names in other languages?
i can help too if needed i have the russian versions for origins pc and legends switch!!

Rayman 1 Spanish Translation Project
Hi folks!

I've started a Rayman 1 for PlayStation Spanish translation project. I've translated the game texts from the PAL edition (SLES-00049), the PC Strings and the two FMV dialogs, but I need help to complete it.

In the European version, the main texts can be found in the directory "ray\ima\crd" in plain text format using OEM-US Encoding (Code Page: 437); being "rayus.txt" for English, "rayfr.txt" for French and "raygr.txt" for German. But three strings from the Magician Challenge are inside the game executable (sles_000.49) and I'd like to change their lengths; unfortunately, I haven't found their pointers and I don't know about assembler... They are:
0x000058D4 "/perfect !/"
0x000ABB20 "/ok/"
0x000ABC98 "/go !/"
Other problem is the fonts: They don't support accented chars (Except 'ü' & 'ö' in the European version) I've found the 2 files with the fonts:

"ray\" - I don't know the format of this file and I couldn't find any information about it... It contains the small font and the main game sprites; and the definition of these sprites and font too. Some of these sprites are in 256 colors and other ones in 4 bpp/16 colors.

"ray\let2.img" - It's a RAW 4 bpp/16 colors image. It contains the medium and big fonts. In the European version its size is 512x196 and 512x167 in the American one. The definition of the font sprites should be in the file "ray\" too.

My idea is to remove the language selector and to remove the big font replacing it with the medium (The big one is only used for the Magician Challenge and they are very similar) This way, I could get extra space to add the new special chars in the "ray\let2.img" file (I need the special chars: áéíóúüñ¡¿ for my Spanish translation)

Image Image Image

I've discovered the medium font sprite limits, but I haven't found their references; I've tried to search the possible values without success. I don't have experience with the PSX VRAM textures referencing and I don't know how they work exactly...

Image Image

PS: The files CD position are stored in the executable, but this file could be extended in the worst of cases; just after of the executable is a dummy file (dummy.pwd) and its size is 16 KB.

Best Regards :)

Re: Rayman 3
wow ok no one coulda prepared me for the fact that desert of the knaaren actually sucked ass
i barely made it past the second level but i can already tell i will not enjoy the rest of it. not helped by the fact that the egg at the end of the first level litreally didnt spawn forcing me to restart (and then i died due to my own stupidity again)
im still lovin the game so far but yea this really isnt epic at all

Re: Names in other languages?
I found a torrent of the official Rayman 3 Russian release, by Buka (Бука). It seems like the 3 original CD ISO images + no-CD exe. There is no PDF manual anywhere on the disks that I could find.

From my investigation, it looks like this release was sold in a jewel case, with no physical manual (see, e.g., here:

So I am not sure there exists an official transation of the R3 manual to Russian. However, all in-game text and audio appears to have been translated, so anything that can be found in-game - just ask and I'll look it up for you. Reminding you that I also have the Russian version of Origins in case you still need anything from there. :)

Re: Names in other languages?
Nevermind then, I'll figure out the missing names some way. :fou2:

Re: Names in other languages?
nope haha its from gog which doesnt have th russian translation! i do intend to play it someday though im cruious to see how it is

Re: Pluses (+) and minuses (−) of this day
TheAlexinator wrote:
Fri Feb 21, 2020 3:35 pm
- Going to kill myself tonight.
I hope this is a joke. :mefiant:

- I'm tired from too many nights out and I still need to drive to my home town tonight. :zzz:

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