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Re: the wabid & the wite lum
Ramein nd Glowbox wok inn leyek wat deh hek iz dis abowh?

Re: Things that boil your blood!
I don't know what it is about me, whether stuff has happened in my past etc. But when people lie or cheat it literally drives me crazy as you've likely seen in the past couple of months if you're a regular member. I don't even know why it is, but even thinking of people lying makes me want to just break something :mrgreen:

It annoys me more than anything else in the world, even more than my acid reflux. I can't help that I feel that way and I assume others probably aren't the same, but lies just really grind my gears.

Liars actually make me extremely angry, more angry than anything else. Lies can have effects on other people and then I'm left to wonder why the person persisted to lie in the first place and couldn't just tell the truth. I think it's actually pretty selfish of people to lie at times. I understand secrets and little white lies, but that's completely different.

Re: Opposite Day
I really like liars and cheaters, it makes me extremely pleased when people do it and not even slightly angry :lol:

I tell lots of lies myself, I'm never honest with people :P

Re: Quizz sur les jeux vidéo
Je vais remonter ce quizz en citant Bloodborne, Skyrim et World of Warcraft.

Il y a aussi les prochains Call of Cthulhu et The Sinking City, mais je ne pense pas qu'ils peuvent compter vu qu'ils sont directement basés sur ce qu'a écrit Lovecraft, et pas seulement inspirés.

Re: Things Teensies Would Say
I have to go tell lies :pascontent:

Re: The You Game!
If ^ is a liar, then < isn't sure believe ^ about that fact :mefiant:

< is wondering if < should just stay up now in the hopes that <'s sleeping pattern can benefit from it.

Re: Hors-sujet
Puisque les vidéos avec le Batman de Super Friends avaient bien fait rire, voici une autre vidéo de perles de doublage, qui rappellara peut-être des souvenirs à certains. Plus que Super Friends en tout cas, que personne n'a vu en direct je pense.

Elle est consacrée au doublage du Caïd dans le dessin animé Spider-Man des années 90.

J'adorais déjà sa voix à l'époque où je regardais la série. :D
En même temps, c'est Michel Bedetti. Il a fait plein d'autres voix cultes, comme M. Krabs et Plankton dans Bob l'éponge.

Re: The 'I Have Never' Game
I have never gotten serious when a few people were joking around.

Re: The You Game!
< knows ^ is right. < may be struggling with it, but at least < is trying. :)

Anyway < should probably go to bed soon, < has honestly been very much idle and doing almost nothing for the past few days due to a lot of things. < is going to start fresh again tomorrow with a renewed sense of positivity and hope. Nite RPC. :zzz:

Re: Things Teensies Would Say
I have to go dip my keys in chocolate sauce.

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#35 Fosti 648721 60 PS2
#36 Peter.Parker 644178 60 PC
#37 Lysol 641347 60 PC
#38 MaGiiKiLL 621427 60 Xbox
#39 Adsolution 620950 60 GC
#40 Da Holy raywiz ! 616666 60 PC
#41 M3T30R0 610741 60 PC
#42 Mucha125 608405 60 PC
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#44 RayoMz 604113 60 PC
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