Dark Teensy

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Dark Teensy
The Dark Teensies, as they appear in Rayman Legends
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Legends
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Portrayed by Douglas Rand

Sex Male
Species Teensie
Status Multiplied form of the Magician

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Dark Teensies are the main antagonists in Rayman Legends.

In Rayman Legends

The introduction of Rayman Legends shows that the Magician, the main antagonist of Rayman Origins, multiplied into five evil creatures known as the Dark Teensies. These Dark Teensies spread throughout the Glade of Dreams, looking for revenge and causing chaos with the help of the evil nightmares that they redeemed. They also exhibit magical abilities, such as being able to create forcefields for their steampunk flying machines, and being able to transform the heroes into ducks temporarily. They have tamed even the fiercest of the nightmares, like the Sea Dragon. At the end of each world, Rayman and his friends must send these Dark Teensies to the moon with a charged Blue Punch. Once sent to the moon, they are tortured by creatures of unknown origin. They are seen in the credits as Rayman and friends celebrate the defeat of the nightmares and a new era of peace in the Glade.


Due to being replicas of the Magician, they share his appearance.