Jalapeño King

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Jalapeño King
Chilli Pepper
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Origins
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The Jalapeño King is a character who was intended to make an appearance in Rayman Origins. He may be the ruler amongst the Chilli Peppers gang, as he looks almost exactly like them, but wears a crown (similar to the Grand Minimus') and a chain around his neck with a golden medallion. Although he didn't make an appearance in the final game, his artwork pieces and name were found in the game's files. His only direct appearance was in the game's second trailer, as an environment element while Rayman and the Teensie Wizard were defeating a Baby Dragon Chef. Is unknown if his full role was to be just an environment element or if he had to be fought later. Unlike the other Chilli Peppers, the Jalapeño King doesn't seem to throw lava while he snores.