Mending the Rift

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Mending the Rift
Mending the Rift
Piping Hot! Aim for the Eel!
World Gourmand Land

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RO-Electoon.png #2
150 Lums
RO-Electoon.png #3
175 Lums
RO-Electoon.png #4
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200 Lums
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Mending the Rift is the fifth level of the Gourmand Land, the third world in Rayman Origins. This level takes place in the Infernal Kitchen part of Gourmand Land, and this is the third level where the Electoons form a bridge for the heroes to cross. This level requires 30 Electoons to be freed from the previous levels. This is the third level from this world, and twelfth overall that is not included in the Back to Origins painting in Rayman Legends.


As the heroes begin, Murfy appears, explaining that they have rescued enough Electoons in order to repair the path and continue towards reaching the next world, Sea of Serendipity. There are Darkroots in this level, but they move out of the heroes' way and do not cause any trouble. At the end of the level, the heroes will encounter a Baby Dragon Chef guarding an Electoon cage, which they will need to defeat in order to break the cage. Once the cage has been broken, the heroes will pose on the photoboard as the Magician waits to see the amount of Lums that the heroes have collected throughout the level.

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