Shoot them up!

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Shoot them up!
Shoot them up! on PlayStation Vita
Get rid of 100 enemies with the Flying Punch
—Trophy achievement description, Rayman Legends

Shoot them up! is one of the unlockable trophies from Rayman Legends for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita and one of the unlockable Gamerscore achievements from the Xbox 360 version. By unlocking it, it rewards a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita player with a bronze trophy and an Xbox 360 player with 10G.

Tips and tricks

  • Just as described, the player must defeat 100 enemies with the Flying Punch power-up.
  • The trophy is cumulative, meaning that even if the console is turned off the counter won't be reset.
  • This award can be unlocked during a normal playthrough of the game.
  • In case the player needs to backtrack to unlock this award, some of the easiest and quickest levels to obtain it are When Toads Fly and Elevator Ambush.

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