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The maximum score in the Fairy Council is ??.??? points or 53.560 points without glitches.

About this Walkthrough


Every level starts with the "Overview"-section with an introductory-text, which grants you the most important information and characteristics of a level. Up next is the video-list, where you'll find hyperlinks towards the most important videos. Finally, a table explains the recommended scores in each level and the maximum score which can be achieved by playing 100% perfectly.

Every level is separated into parts, and every part into individual combos. The order of how the combos are played is according to the numeration.

Due to the amount of different combo versions and the length of certain parts, the walkthrough will give you "Checkpoints". Those allow you to compare, whether your score is still sufficient to reach the maximum score in this level. This is helpful in case you made a small mistake or did not go for the recommended version everytime. For example, if the walkthrough states "Checkpoint: 54.300 points", it means that if your score is below this figure, you are very unlikely to be able to still reach the maximum score.

Combo Versions

Most levels have a maximum-score that is beyond 100.000 points, and due to how this limit works, it's not always necessary to play every part perfectly and get every single point that is possible. This is the main reason why combos even can have different versions that are all playable, even though they might yield different scores as a result. Versions are numerated separately in a "1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc." format, while the recommended version of a combo is always mentioned in first place. There is certain parts where the chose of a certain version requires you to play another specific version in a later stage of this part. Those combos are tagged with letters. For instance, if you decide to play combo "3.2 A", you will have to play every upcoming combo that is tagged with an "A" also. Similarly, combo "5.2 A" is only usable if you have played version "3.2 A" in the first place. Versions can vary in difficulty, also there is certain techniques (such as the Lums-Glitch), which are only available to certain platforms, and wherever this happens, there has to be an alternative for people who cannot use that. To be able to always choose the correct version, they are distinguished by colors.

Green: this version is recommended for all platforms and all players. The scores in brackets at the end of every combo are calculated based on the green versions.

Red: this version is (much) harder than the recommended version, but also yields significantly more points. It's recommended if you want to play an easier version at a different point of the level, or if you have to make up for mistakes.

Blue: this version is limited to certain platforms. The fact, that a combo like this is mentioned in the walkthrough, means that is superior to the recommended version in terms of points or difficulty. If that wasn't the case, that combo would not find place in this walkthrough, as it tries to minimize the differences between each platform.

Violet: this is a historical version of a combo. At some point, this was considered to be the best version to play a certain combo, but it has been signifcantly changed or improved by now. These are added into the walkthrough, when they have been relevant over a long period of time, to show off how the different parts have developed in the past years. All of the historical combos are still playable, but they are mentioned last since they are usually inferior to the more recent versions.

Normal Walkthrough


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Glitchless Walkthrough (53.560 points)

written by Maz



And this is where it all begins - the very first level of the game. Ironically, this is one of, if not THE hardest level in the game when trying to play perfectly. This is due to the fact that many of this levels' combos require you to take matuvus immediately after collecting gems. The timeframe on that is quite narrow, which subsequently means that a lot of said combos are incredibly hard to pull off. On top of that, Fairy Council is one of the levels without a definite maximum (i.e. you can't pass 100.000 points) meaning that you have to go for all of them when opting for a good score. However, it is also one of the less important levels for your total score, seeing how you can't make as big an improvement as in other levels. All top players agree that you should not touch this level unless you're well into the 800.000 points range. Once you do, the following guide will tell you how to play this level.

Side note: since the 100.000-points-limit is not in play in this level, it's impossible to properly distinct between green and red versions in this level, as the hardest version of a combo is always also the recommended version. Only for this level, green versions are used to point out easier versions of the same combo. For similar reasons, this walkthrough does not have checkpoints.


Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5 & 6

Level Scores

Part Recommended Score Maximum Score
1 0 0
2 4.290 - 4.810 4.810
3 19.320 - 20.440 20.440
4 34.620 - 37.010 37.010
5 42.980 - 45.370 45.370
6 51.170 - 53.560 53.560

Part 1

You can't gain any points in this part. Just move on to part 2. (0 points)

Part 2

You start off in a room with dwarves and yellow gems. Skip this room for now, as you can return after you obtained your hands from Globox. You will soon face 3 yellow gems on some mushrooms leading to the next area. Carefully maneuver around these; you will collect them later on. After reaching the next area, you will once again have to skip everything in this room and head for the top. There you will find a hollow tree trunk with 3 gems in it. Pass the first 2 and position yourself close to the third one. This is where the first major combo begins.

1.1 Take the yellow gem next to you and follow up with the one in front. Pass the other gem and jump on the mushrooms to collect the 3 yellow gems on there. Take the remaining gem from as far away as possible and run towards the trampoline on the left. Roll onto it to take the yellow gem there and quickly jump to the left. Continue with the 3 gems on the ledge, then drop down to take 3 more of these on the mushrooms. Move on to the wooden bridge afterwards. Take the first yellow gem and make sure to helicopter past the second one. Afterwards, do a pivot to try and take it from as far a distance as possible. Quickly head for the gem on the trunk and roll towards it once you get close enough (otherwise you won't make it on time). After you take the second yellow gem as well, fall down to the bottom floor. Take 3 more yellow gems before you jump on the mushrooms to the left in order to collect the red gems. Roll off and continue with the 2 remaining yellow gems on your way up. Get the first gem on the wooden bridge, then collect the red gem on the left side before you go back to the bridge to take another yellow one. Make sure that Rayman faces to the left, then strafe into the final gem. As soon as you touch it, use the camera trick and look straight up to get the matuvu in combo. (3.210 points)

1.2 A different approach to this combo includes turtles, which means it's advisable to obtain your hands from Globox first and then come back to this area (with the help of turtles as well). For this to work, you have to place a turtle on the platform between the 3 mushrooms and the wooden bridge with the 2 yellow gems on the wall towards the elevated platform with 3 yellow gems which would usually only be reachable after the trampolines. Start with the 2 yellow gems on the wooden bridge, then rush towards the spotted mushrooms. Take the bottom 2 yellow gems, and then jump on top of the turtle while collecting the 3rd yellow gem in the air. Use the turtle's boost to reach the upper platform and continue with the gems there. Run towards the trampolines and collect the 3 yellow gems, but don't jump on the last one but rather fall through the tiny gap and take the yellow gem during that process. You should land close to the yellow gems at the very bottom of this room. Collect 4 of them and then head back to the mushrooms with the red gems. Collect the 2 outer ones, and the take the center one to roll towards the remaining yellow gem as quickly as possible. Jump onto the wooden bridge, and take the furthest yellow gem first. Move backwards towards the other 2 gems, and then take the matuvu after the last one (moving backwards allows you to hold the backwards-button when zooming) and finish with the red gem behind the rock. After all of this, take the remaining yellow gems on the mushrooms and in the hallway towards the next room. (-440 points)

2. Collect the 2 remaining gems on the trampolines. (3.240 points)

Head for the next area, but make sure to kick the 2 turtles on the top floor along the way, as you'll need them in the next room to go back to the first one. After Globox returned your hands, stack these turtles on top of each other and use their backs to jump back into the previous area. Go straight for the very first room (make sure to skip the 3 yellow gems on the mushrooms one more time) and position yourself next to the waggon with 2 yellow gems and a dwarf on it. It's now time for the second major combo in this part.

3.1 Jump on the waggon so that you'll take the yellow gem in the back. Break the dwarf and collect the gem from within by strafing forward. Once you're next to the other gem roll forward, collecting it in the process. Quickly break the left one of the 3 dwarves in front of you, then use the dwarf inside the little cave to keep the combo going. After you took all the yellow gems in there, jump out and break the dwarf next to the mushrooms. Get the gem and head for the second dwarf of the group of three. Break it and collect the gem. Now break the dwarf sitting in the small waggon and get its gem while turning around. Run towards the third dwarf of the group and break it with a curved shot as soon as possible. Adjust the camera so that, after taking the gem, you can head for the dwarf in the corner behind the large trunk in a straight line. Then send a curved shot towards said dwarf, as soon as you can lock onto it. Since there's another dwarf in front of the one in the corner, it can easily happen that you'll hit the wrong dwarf. Adjusting the camera correctly (as described above) can help a lot to avoid this. Now go through the exit to head for the 3 yellow gems that you skipped before. Make sure to stay on the right side to collect the gem from the dwarf in the corner (the hitbox will allow you to do so through the wall) and turn around midway to break the final dwarf with a curved shot. Finally, collect the gems on the mushrooms. (4.350 points)

3.2 Since including the gems on the 3 mushrooms is tricky, it's reasonable to just leave this part out and take them separately. (-80 points)

4. Quickly return to the first room and collect the yellow gem provided by breaking the dwarf before it disappears. (4.360 points)

5. Go back to the last room. Make sure to take the 5 gems right at the entrance, obviously all in one combo. (4.450 points)

6. Head for the exit, but turn to the right side just before that. You'll encounter your first enemy in form of a crabee there. Collect all 10 yellow gems in this place before you kill it with a single shot. (4.810 points)

Part 3

1. Ignore everything in the first room for now. Use the platform to reach the floor above. You should now find yourself in a room with yellow gems and piggybanks. Don't take the yellow gems yet but instead, walk up the slope until you stand next to the third pig. Jump to the left and hang onto the ledge. Use the helicopter to fly backwards and break the piggybank behind you on your way. Break the piggybank on the other platform as well, then fall back onto the slope and destroy the remaining piggies in combo. (4.900 points)

Now jump to the top platform carefully, without taking any gems. Climb up and tap forward in quick succession to skip the yellow gem at the entrance. Then get on the platform and repetitively shoot the button to reach the floor above. Lock onto André, jump on the tiny curb at the edge of the platform you're standing on and charge your fist to prepare for the next big combo.

2.1 A: Walk off the platform by strafing to the left. Release your fist mid-air and collect 2 yellow gems before finishing off André by quickly rolling forwards once you hit the ground. You will then be teleported to the green can. As soon as the cutscene ends, start taking all the yellow gems in front of you, then take the red gem and screw down all 3 mushrooms. Enter the look mode and quickly get the matuvu in combo before you finish off the slapdash. Renew the Vortex and fall down to collect 3 more yellow gems, then get the other matuvu in combo. There should be one more yellow gem on this side of the room. Take it, then get the red gem as well and quickly enter look mode once again to focus on the matuvu underneath the dome. Once you got that in combo, collect the yellow gem on the right. Roll slightly to the left of the last yellow gem, so that you collect it while landing on the floor. This should put you in a position, where you can take the 4th matuvu with the instant look-mode trick. For that, you have to press camera-mode as soon as your feet are touching the ground (the timing here is really important), and then exit camera-mode while pressing look-mode. That way, look-mode is fully zoomed out instantly, which allows you to zoom onto the 4th matuvu. Note: It might be an easier strategy to take the third matuvu in the same way as you take the fourth matuvu (this is a little bit easier since the third matuvu is positioned higher than the fourth one and thus you don't need to move the camera to much to make the red circle appear), and then, immediately after you get the matuvu, stay in look mode and move the camera a little bit down and to the right to get the fourth matuvu. (18.920 points)

2.2 B: Since getting the 4th matuvu is probably the most precise part the entire combo, you can make your life a little easier by splitting it up into two separate combos. In that case, you would just end the 3-matuvu-combo after the last yellow gem.(-1.060 points)
2.3 B: It was just recently discovered that you could fall down from the platform to collect gems just before you'd hit André with a curved shot. For the longest time, it was considered optimal to use the button-platform to jump towards André and kill him in combo with one yellow gem close to him. That way, the 1st matuvu will only count for 1500 points in combo. (-1.560 points)

3. Refresh the Vortex again, then go back into the room which the piggybanks were in. Take all the yellow gems in there in combo. (19.640 points)

4. Go back to the bottom floor of the first room, and collect the 2 gems that are next to each other before the Vortex runs out. (19.700 points)

5.1 A: Equip the Vortex once more time to get all the remaining gems in the first room into one combo. To do so, simply collect the gems on the ledge counterclockwise before you drop down to take the 3 remaining gems on the ground as well. (20.440 points)

5.2 B: If the 4th matuvu is still left, you have to take it after the last of the three yellow gems from below. That requires you to roll towards the yellow gem closest to the level-entrance after taking the last yellow gem on the ledge, so that you can end on the yellow gem that is closest to the matuvu. This is one of toughest matuvus in this game, as the angle is steep. The look-mode trick will probably just cause more trouble with this, since it will almost always focus on the switch that is close to you. (equals 2.2B/2.3B)

Part 4

Right in the beginning, you will find a slope in front of you. Run along the curb until you find a spot from which you can helicopter to the hallway above. Once you've climbed up, turn around and face the small hole with 5 gems in it. Position yourself next to these gems to start off the first big combo in this part.

1.1 Charge your fist fully take the 5 gems, then fall down and quickly send a curved shot towards the hoodlum that's hidden behind a board. Equip the Vortex and jump up the elevated left side of the slope to screw down the mushroom before you run out of combo time. Hit the other mushroom as well and collect all the yellow gems on the platforms. Use the trampoline to grab the vines and turn to the left midair before taking the first yellow gem on there, then use the instant look-mode to catch the matuvu in combo (if your movement was optimal, you won't have to move the camera). Continue and once you've reach the very end of the vines, fall down and get the lone yellow gem from as far away as possible, then run towards the tribelle. In order to keep the combo going you'll have to press right and then strafe at just the right moment without making it disappear; this may take a lot of practise. As soon as you feel you're about to take the tribelle, press camera-mode. If you executed the movement perfectly, Rayman should be facing the wall where the matuvu is sitting on (the angle does not have to be a perfect 90 degrees) and also, the +250 points popup should not be visible yet. Exit camera-mode while pressing look-mode, zoom up and then increase your zoom-level to get close enough to the Matuvu (if everything went perfectly, you will obtain the points for the tribelle just as you enter camera-mode) and take it in combo of the tribelle. Then quickly jump the vine and take all 4 yellow gems still with the Vortex (which should still have enough charge if your movement was efficient throughout the entire combo). (28.910 points)

1.2 Since taking the 2nd matuvu in combo of the tribelle just adds another very tricky part to an already very difficult combo, this approach splits everything up into 2 combos. Charge your fist fully and strafe past one of the yellow gems in the front row. Collect the other 4 gems however, then fall down and quickly send a curved shot towards the hoodlum that's hidden behind a board. Equip the Vortex and run up the slope to screw down the mushroom before you run out of combo time. Hit the other mushroom as well and collect all the yellow gems on the platforms. Use the trampoline to grab the vines and take the gems by hangling forward. Once you've reach the very end of the vines, fall down and get the lone yellow gem from as far away as possible, then run towards the tribelle. In order to keep the combo going you'll have to press strafe at just the right moment without making it disappear; this may take a lot of practise. Afterwards, collect the first 3 gems on the vines. Jump past the fourth one and grab the ledge. Quickly jump up and turn around so that you'll take the remaining yellow gem as you land. As soon as your feet hit the ground, use the camera trick to get the matuvu in combo before the Vortex runs out. Equip the Vortex once again. Go back into the hole and take the yellow gem to quickly get the matuvu in combo afterwards. (-600 points)
1.3 Since the optimal routes in both 1.1 and 1.2 are very difficult and have just recently been suceeded in, the standard approach to this area for the longest time was to take the first matuvu for 2000 points, but therefore the second Matuvu in no combo at all, and the tribelle only for 1000 points in combo. For that, you would fly pass the hole with the 5 gems to reach the 2nd mushroom, and then collect all the yellow gems in order. After the yellow gem at the entrance of the tribelle-room, jump to the left and take the lone gem, roll towards the the shielded hoodblaster and kill him with a curved shot, equip the Vortex and run back up to screw down the first mushroom. Jump on top of it to collect the remaining yellow gem, fire a curved shot towards the 2nd mushroom while jumping towards the hole with the 5 gems, collect 3 yellow gems, then the red gem, then the last yellow gem and finally the matuvu for 2000 points in combo. After you've suceeded in that, go back to the Vortex and use the jump towards the hallway as a shortcut towards the tribelle. Jump over the tribelle without either taking it or shooing it away, jump onto the vine and quickly zoom on the matuvu. When you got him, jump up to take all the yellow gems and then fly down to hover onto the tribelle, which you basically take the moment your vortex runs out. (-2.670 points)

2. Run down the hallway and collect the lone gem at the end. (28.930 points)

3. Refresh the Vortex and use that same spot on the curb of the slope to reach the hallway (note that you have to succeed in doing so on your first attempt, or else the following won't work). Head for the next area very quickly and jump the trampolines to reach the other side of the room. Collect the 5 yellow gems and finish off by taking the red gem before the powerup runs out. The timeframe on this is very narrow, so it may take quite a bit of practise to do this. (29.290 points)

Enter the next room and wait for the cutscene to end. Prepare for the second big combo.

4.1 Get the lone gem in front of the trampolines and kill the slapdash in combo. Equip the Vortex and helicopter towards the third platform. Collect the gem, then screw down the mushroom to your left. Now press strafe to lock onto the hedgehogs in front of you and hit one of them. Jump onto the first platform while still holding the strafe button and take the yellow gem as you fall down. Jump backwards to renew the Vortex, but send a curved shot towards the hedgehogs in the process. Get the gem on the second platform and helicopter to the second lowest trampoline. Make sure to finish off 2 more hedgehogs on your way. Bounce up the trampolines to get the first fairy in combo, then helicopter back onto the second platform while shooting one more hedgehog. Quickly screw down the second mushroom and collect both yellow gems. Kill the remaining hedgehog, then run up the stairs to get another fairy in combo. Fly backwards to reach the platform behind you in order to get the third fairy, then roll off the ledge to get André to come out of the fairy hole. (32.040 points)

4.2 Since the complicated beginning of combo 4.1 is only worth 20 extra-points, it can be made easier by not taking the first fairy as the 11th element. For that, you would just start with killing the slapdash and equipping the Vortex. Then jump to the 2nd platform, collect the gem and jump again to helicopter towards the trampolines. While you're in the air, you have to shoot 3 hedgehogs to keep the combo alive. Once you've taken the first fairy, continue with the lone yellow gem on the platform, and run back towards the first platform in front of the Vortex. Take the yellow gem, fire a shot towards the hedgehogs while reloading the Vortex, take the gem on the 3rd platform and then continue as you would have in 4.1. (-20 points)

5. Exit the room and refresh the Vortex on your way out. Jump up the gap and take the 4 yellow gems. (32.180 points)

6. Once you reach the room with the staircase, make sure to collect the red gem underneath. (32.240 Points)

Move on to the next area. Don't go any further into the room yet, just stand at the starting point and charge your fist to get ready for playing one last big combo.

7.1 Run into the room and kill the crabee on the left before it can get squashed by the rock. Run to the Vortex, grab it and immediately roll back to reach the plateau with the 3 gems as quickly as possible. Collect the 3 gems on there, then roll off the ledge and get the 2 yellow gems on the stones in combo. Renew the Vortex and then turn around to kill the other crabee before collecting the 5 gems in the small cave. Make sure you get at least 3 yellow gems before touching the red gem. Jump to screw down the mushroom and take the lone gem on the stone. Now quickly run into the gap and collect the 2 yellow gems on your way up. Once you've reached the top, take the first gem, then strafe past the second one to get the third and jump onto the mushroom to include the yellow gem on there into the combo as well. Roll off the ledge and take the remaining gem. Walk off the ledge and fall for a bit before you start helicoptering straight down into the tribelle to get it for 2.500 points in combo. (36.990 points)

7.2 On Game-Cube, you have to kill the left crabee before the Vortex spawns. In that case, immediately jump onto the plateau after killing the first crabee, collect the gems and roll towards the 2 gems on the stones. After the 2nd gem, roll towards the remaining crabee, kill it in combo, quickly equip the Vortex and continue as you would in 8.1. (-240 points)
7.3 Since taking everything with the Vortex after the first crabee makes succeeding combo 7.1 very hard, it's also possible to just adapt the order from 7.2 for non-Game-Cube-players, with the only difference that you grab the Vortex and then kill the 2nd crabee, instead of vice versa. (-150 points)

8. Renew the Vortex and make your way to the exit. Collect the yellow gem underneath the vines along the way. (37.010 points)

Part 5

There's a small platform on one of the pillars. Use it to reach the narrow ledge above and run counterclockwise. At some point, you will step on a switch which will open a door and grant you access to the secret room. Slide down the slope to take all the gems. (45.370 points)

Part 6

Just get as many gems as possible in combo and make sure to get the green gem for 3.000 points. At the end, you can jump after collecting a few gems to get all gems in combo before the level score is shown. All in all, you should get 8.190 points in this part. (53.560 points)


The additional Slapdash.
  • The Polish version of Rayman 3 contains an additional Slapdash in the third part of the level.