The Cartoon Dance

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The Cartoon Dance is an activity from Rayman Activity Centre, which is accessible via the world map. The Magician organises a group of Antitoons in a practice rehearsal for a dance performance on Rayman's birthday. It is unknown why the Antitoons are performing for Rayman, although this could be down to the fact that it is set after the first game in a time of peace. Despite this, other activities show the Antitoons as mischievous creatures who get in Rayman's way. This activity is designed to teach young children pattern recognition skills and an understanding of sequences.


In this activity, players have to click and drag Antitoons under the spotlights to copy the pattern shown on the banner above. They must copy the pattern twice along the line so to start a basic sequence. Answers are submitted via the green lever. Halfway between each level, the Antitoons perform a brief interval dance.

Level 1

On this difficulty level, there are only three Antitoons in a pattern. This requires the player to place six Antitoons in total, repeating the pattern twice. When all sequences are complete, a group of three blue Antitoons rehearse their dance to marching music.

Level 2

The second difficulty level includes four Antitoons in a pattern, requiring eight to be placed in total. This time, four yellow Antitoons perform a dance at the end.

Level 3

The final difficulty setting again requires four Antitoons in a pattern, although the patterns themselves are this time slightly more complex. There are more than one Antitoon of the same colour in a row. Four red antitoons perform their dance when the sequences are complete.


  • Unusually, the Antitoons are referred to as 'Cartoons' in the activity's title, although this could be a result of mistranslation. Within the activity and on the back of the game's box, they are simply called 'Toons' much like the Electoons are in the Game Boy Color game.
  • This activity features Antitoons of various colours, including the Red Antitoons; a lethal variety introduced in the educational platformer titles such as Rayman Junior.