The Clowns' Numbers

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The Clowns' Numbers, also referred to as 'The Clowns' Number' is an activity from Rayman Activity Centre, which is accessible via the world map. Despite it's title, it has nothing to do with numbers or mathematics and is instead about shapes. The Magician starts a show in Picture City, where he introduces two Bomber Clowns; Mr. Black and Mr. White. The first uses black ink to paint the outline of a shape or picture, while Mr. White uses a device made from moving paint brushes attached to a Swiss army knife to paint the page white and erase everything.


Players must click and drag shapes into the outlines made by Mr. Black to make a large shape (Sometimes these will make up bigger shapes, like a large square made from triangles and trapeziums, while others will be surreal patterns). They then must submit their answer by pulling the green lever. Halfway between each level, a clown paints a character from the Rayman 1 cast at random, who the Magician will identify as one of his friends.

Level 1

On the first difficulty setting, the guidelines are made obvious by white gaps in the outline, making it clear where players should place the shapes. At the end of the level a clown appears with a paintbrush and palette, ready to paint a picture before they are distracted by a fly buzzing around their head. While trying to shoo it off with the Paintbrush, they accidentally paint the Mona Lisa, much to their own surprise.

Level 2

The second difficulty setting has less obvious guidelines with no white gaps, meaning the player has to use their brain to work out which shapes should be placed where. When all the patterns are complete, a clown jack-in-a-box falls from the top of the screen, and then launches off like a rocket.

Level 3

This level has the most complex patterns, where the player must contend with unusual uses for the shapes. When the level is complete, the jack-in-a-box returns. The clowns head tries to free it's self, but ends up snapping the string, causing it to go flying and bouncing back into the birthday present box which tumbles off the screen.