The Magic Letters

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The Magic Letters is an activity from Rayman Activity Centre, which is accessible via the world map. Betilla the Fairy encounters a group of jumbled up letters in Band Land, and asks the players to re-organise them to spell words. This activity is designed with the younger side of the game's age range in mind, as it is fairly simple and not much thinking is required to play.


In this activity, players do not seem control a Rayman character, although the cursor is represented by Rayman's glove. Players have to move the letters to the bongo pedestals to spell out the word that is written on the book above. When they have done this, they must pull the lever in the status bar to submit their answer. If the answer is correct, a trumpet skips on and plays a victory tune. Halfway through each level, the letters spell out a message of praise (such as 'Bravo' or 'Well Done), occasionally getting muddled up in the process.

Level 1

On this difficulty setting, relatively short words like 'Train' and 'Piano' are used. After enough words are completed, Rayman and the Magician perform a march while a giant floating rubber appears and starts to rub out Rayman to the music.

Level 2

This difficulty setting features the same gameplay, but with longer words such as 'Shower' and 'Basket'. When this level is complete, Rayman and the Magician start to perform another march, but are interrupted by a dancing letter A.

Level 3

On the final level, the player is given shorter words to deal with again. However this time there are 'red herring letters' which are not used in the word. Despite this, the game isn't made much harder by this, as the correct spelling is still given to the player at the top of the screen. At the end of the level, the Magician marches again, while Rayman is painted back into the scene with a paint brush, acting as the reverse of the first march.