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Welcome! My name is Nicholas, and I live in NYC. I have been a huge fan of Rayman since 1997, when I played the first game. Since then, I have bought almost every Rayman game. I was a member of RaymanZone, and I am now a member of Pirate Community. I have recently discovered RayWiki, and even though I don't plan on being very active, I'll do my best to help.

Contacting me

Call me at +1 415 158 3851. Or email me at I'm a bit busy, so don't worry if it takes me some time to reply. You can also edit my talk page or send me a PM on the forums!

Now, make sure to visit other cool websites:

Mr Dark is my favourite character.
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RayWiki is not only an English project!

There's also a French version and a German version of RayWiki! If you speak any of these languages, try to edit the other wikis as well. And make sure you don't forgot to add the language links: [[fr:French page]] or [[de:German page]] :)

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