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Zaq 3D model
Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman 3 (scrapped)
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Status Ally

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An entirely aquatic world was dreamed up for Rayman 3. This universe was inhabited by little animals called "Zaqs" who resembled jellyfish. The universe was exploited by the Hoodlums who, in a lagoon, had set up a giant washing-machine (what else would you expect for beings made up wholly of cloth?). Rayman had to save the little "Zaqs", because they were filled with washing-powder by the Hoodlums, then used to wash their laundry!
—VIP-zone description, RaymanZone

The Zaqs are small jellyfish-like creatures which were planned to appear in Rayman 3, but were cut from the final version. They appear as a transparent set of wizard's robes and hat, with two eyes visible. These creatures inhabit an aquatic world, which was exploited by the Hoodlums, who had set up a giant washing-machine in a lagoon. Rayman would have had to rescue the Zaqs from the Hoodlums, who had captured them in order to fill them with washing-up powder and used them to wash their laundry. The aquatic world and Zaqs were removed from the game due to time constraints, as the level ‘lacked rhythm’ when compared to the others.