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Latest news

Friday, February 4th 2005:

I've juste fixed the glitch which prevented members from editing their flag in their profile. Everything works fine now.

You'll notice that the Team, RaymanBD, RaymanTCG and RaymanENCYCLO pages were filled in, as they had remained blank since December 2004.

In spite of these updates, the MetalGearRayman page wasn't updated, since I'm still discussing with Sbir' about it.

And because its webmaster couldn't acess the internet and the website hasn't been updated for ages, the NotrAmiRayman website doesn't belong anymore to the Pirate-Community.

by Hunchman801

Saturday, January 1st 2005 (0:00):

The Pirate-Community wishes you an happy new year and counts on you for 2005 to be a great year! Don't forget the great RaymanRPG that may come soon...

by Hunchman801

Thursday, December 30th 2004:

Maybe you had already noticed it, the PHP scripts in the Pirate-Community website didn't work anymore, and it was impossible to surf on it because of redirection and SQL queries problems, etc... I've just re-programmed the website, and it now works fine (with more quick scripts). Moreover, I fixed some glitches, as the error message before the news and the My Account page. I didn't complete the Team, RaymanBD and RaymanTCG pages (althought I'll do soon) and the MetalGearRayman and NotrAmiRayman pages aren't available, as their webmasters didn't do anything.

by Hunchman801

Monday, December 27th 2004:

The Pirate-Community forum was upgraded to the 2.0.11 version. If another security issue about phpBB is discovered, please contact me immediately ( email | PM ), I may not have heard about it. Of course, members who will act so will be rewarded.

by Hunchman801

Saturday, December 24th 2004:

Merry Christmas! I offered 350 Tings to every member who posted yesterday, as I had done last year.

by Hunchman801

Friday, December 10th 2004:

Hello everybody. As you certainly know, the online RPG linked to the Pirate-Community, RaymanRPG, isn't a simple project anymore but something real. I thought I could release it for Christmas, but it's impossible, there is still too much work to finish it quickly, moreover I'll be extremly busy during the holidays.
Anyway, I promise you that in a few months, you'll be able to play to the thing that will make the Pirate-Community more popular again!

by Hunchman801

Sunday, October 3rd 2004:

Are you looking for fun? Then just visit the new website affiliated with the Pirate Community : Deathland.

This website contains images and videos... with a lot of blood!

But don't worry, the "blood" is nothing but red paint, and the victimes are simply elves mannequins. Enter Deathland... (it's french, but it's not a problem for the content)

by Hunchman801

Saturday, August 21th 2004:

From now, Super Moderators (who could already edit users Tings) can ban users. It will be easier for the moderators to get the good behaviour "rules" respected.

If you own a forum and if you're interested in my new mod, which allows admins to ban users by clicking on a button (in users profiles), then just download it here !

by Hunchman801

Tuesday, August 17th 2004:

I just got back home with a new computer, and I'm back to Pirate-Community as well, already working on something that would make the super-moderators more powerful... Spammers, beware!

by Hunchman801

Sunday, August 8th 2004:

Happy birthday Pirate-Community! I'm actually in Cyprus (Larnaca) but I couldn't miss such an event... I hope you enjoyed this year (44158 posts so far) and I wish you a nice new year, for you and for the great Pirate-Community!

by Hunchman801
Latest posts

Re: The You Game!
< is now TRYING to watch a Markiplier's let's play of SCP-CB.

< never seen someone dies so much times and gets confused at the same time.

but then again...the game itself is a little confusing(mindfuck is a better descriptive word).

Re: You know you suck at Rayman when...
When you still haven't figured out the rest of the code yet for some menu items positions in Rayman 3 :lol:

Re: R.I.P Internet
its no secret that net neutrality only give google and youtube the power to censor us. also, there are sites that have been whitelisted for this really needed change to stop google and youtube from censoring us such as 4chan, 9gag, and encyclopædia dramatica. besides thanks to the removal of net neutrality, my internet bills have been cut from $100 to $25. and yes i am proud of it :proud:

and BTW

The Jonster wrote:I thought memes weren't the only things affected by these laws... :?

memes can't be affected by shit execpt behind the meme and normies
(N O R M A L F A G S)

Re: The Portal thread

Valve make a VR demo called Moondust based on Portal for testing the Knuckles EV2 controllers.

There also a Half-Life references in the demo.

Re: You know you suck at Rayman when...
When you get thrown into molten lava.

Re: The You Game!
Ah, there must be a lot of patient members then, since when < posts, < attracts 1-5 people to start posting within 30 minutes. :)

Re: The You Game!
With ^'s hidden profile status, posting makes patient members like < acknowledge that a post has been made suddenly out of the blue.
< thinks that's how.

Re: The You Game!
< had a nice nap. < slept for 30 minutes. It seems everybody else has left though. Haha makes < wonder if < really is one of those people who attrats people when < posts. :?

Re: Le Grand Quizz des Ptizêtres!
- Le premier Toupignard dans le Sommet d’outre nuée, Section 2.
- Celui dans Le Quartier Général Hoodlums, Section 1.

Re: You know you suck at Rayman when...
When Sssam drags you against your will in turning corners.

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