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Big Date is the final episode of Rayman: The Animated Series that was fully produced. It continues from High Anxiety.


Arriving back at Grub's home, Rayman, Betina, Flips, Lac-Mac and Cookie complain about not having anything to eat, so Rayman suggests going to the grocery store, but Cookie refuses, fearing Grub is still at home on the floors below them. Rayman starts pacing the room thinking of a plan, when he suddenly trips over Lac-Mac; Lac-Mac then infers the idea to look through the floor. In order to keep an eye on things, Cookie quickly invents a telescope that peeks through a loose floorboard to the ground floor below. To Cookie's horror, he sees Grub enter the house carrying a bouquet of flowers, and immediately assumes Grub has a date, which hopefully may take his mind off finding them.

Strangely, Grub starts to clean his house and brush his hair, but when his date arrives, he makes a complete buffoon of himself by accidentally hitting her with her umbrella and leaving the oven on for too long, burning the meal in the process.

Feeling sorry for Grub, Rayman suggests helping him out despite being his enemy, much to Cookie's annoyance. After Grub accidentally breaks his date's nose with a bottle cap, she storms into the bathroom to fix it while Grub sulks. Initiating their plan, Rayman deliberately sets off the fire alarm, and hides behind the door as Grub comes into the kitchen, giving Rayman, Betina and Flips a chance to quickly tidy up the living room.

As Grub comes back into the dining room with his date, Rayman, Betina and Flips sneak back into the kitchen and prepare a secret feast with the help of Cookie and Lac-Mac, after seeing Grub's messed up meal, but Lac-Mac clumisily drops the plates and breaks them, attracting Grub's attention to the suspicious noises.

Grub goes into the kitchen just as Rayman and his friends sneak out. Confused and surprised, Grub then sees the feast on the table and takes it over to his date as Rayman watches them from the first floor they were previously hiding in. Unfortunately, Grub foolishly ties the tablecloth to his neck and gets up to get some soda, accidentally pulling the tablecloth off the table and making a complete mess, much to Rayman's dismay.

Grub's date then storms out of the house, so Rayman, in a last ditch effort to save Grub's happy evening, poses as a postal-worker, delivering flowers and a "romantic message" from Grub, asking her to go the movies with him. The date then phones Grub, and he excitedly agrees to take her to the cinéma the following day.

Rayman and his friends smile in triumph.


  • Grub is mentioned as having a car in this episode, confirming that he purchased another one after his previous car was crushed in No Parking. Rayman and his group also purchased a new car after those events, which was seen in High Anxiety.
  • There is a rumour that episode 5 was written but never produced. It is said that the episode involved a cinema. Grub and his date agree to go to a cinema at the end of this episode, suggesting that episode 5 may have been a continuation of this.