High Anxiety

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High Anxiety is the third episode of Rayman: The Animated Series, and is a continuation of No Parking. It was followed by Big Date.


Official artwork of a corridor in the asylum
Official artwork of Cookie's room in the asylum
Official artwork of one of the closed rooms of the asylum
Official artwork of one of the closed rooms of the asylum with a different illumination

Due to the collision they experienced earlier on, Cookie finds himself with a splitting headache, so they all borrow Betina's new taxi and drive him to the doctor, where he is strapped to a chair and experimented on in a comical manner.

After the experiment, the doctor comes out with the results, and breaks the news that Cookie has only been imagining it all and needs to be committed immediately. Cookie is then taken by the orderlies into the mental asylum basement, where he is thrown into a cell with a roommate.

In the waiting room, Rayman and the others talk about how to spring Cookie out of the asylum. Then, to their horror, Grub enters the building, and they all hide behind chairs to see what Grub is up to. They don't hear him, so after Grub goes into the hospital, Rayman and the others pose as Grub's family and ask where he went. Unfortunately, they take a wrong turn, and end up looking all over the cells for Cookie. Eventually, Rayman and the others manage to find Cookie just as Grub finds him. Thanks to the intervention of Cookie's roommate, Rayman and the gang finally manage to escape from the asylum after a long chase given by Grub. Eventually, Grub is caught by two orderlies, who mistake him for a similar-looking patient who escaped earlier on, and is thrown into the prisoners cell as Rayman and the others finally manage to escape from the hospital.


This episode shows the group driving a car, it cannot be the same one as in the previous episode as it was crushed, showing that they must have purchased (or stolen) a new one. Interestingly, Grub is mentioned as having a car in the following episode, although his was also crushed in No Parking.