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Hide and Seek is an activity from Rayman Activity Centre, which is accessible via the world map. In the game's introduction, Betilla the Fairy is in the middle of a game of hide and seek with Rayman in the Dream Forest and goes to find him. However, what she thinks is Rayman is actually a pair of jungle birds. Rayman then comes out of his hiding place, finding the whole incident amusing. Betilla the instructs the player to play.


In this game, player must listen to Betilla's instructions to work out where Rayman is hiding and then reveal his hiding place by clicking on it. Each time, Rayman will pop out of his hideout in a different way. Every few turns, he will appear on the grass to dance.

Level 1

On the easiest difficulty setting, Betilla gives direct instructions as to where Rayman is (for example, the mushroom on the riverbank). At the end of the level, a Livingstone emerges from a large red mushroom, jumps off the platform into a patch of flowers, only to emerge dizzy from another flower on the other side of the clearing. They then do the same trick, this time using mushrooms. It is then revealed that there are actually multiple Livingstones, one behind each hiding place. Betilla then makes them disappear.

Level 2

On the second level of difficulty, Betilla's hints are more complex, requiring the player to know the difference between left and right (for example, the yellow flower to the left of the mushroom). At the end of the level, Betilla plays a game of hide and seek with Rayman and the Magician. The first three times she counts to five, they haven't hidden. The forth time, the Magician casts a spell which makes both Rayman and himself to disappear. When Betilla goes to look for them, they reappear behind her, and Rayman starts to laugh.

Level 3

The final level allows players to scroll, allowing them to explore the forest. This in makes there more hiding places. This time, Betilla's hints are only activated by clicking on wrong hiding places and only suggest the position (whether they are further away, and in what direction) without telling the player what the hiding place looks like. Despite the fact that the level's opening instructions tell the player to look for Rayman, Rayman himself does not appear in the hiding places. Instead, players will find other animals and sometimes objects such as tractors hiding instead. One of the players of the game is Bzzit. At the end of the level, Betilla goes to play hide and seek again, this time with the Magician and a Livingstone. The Magician makes the Livingstone disappear, leaving only his explorer hat behind, before hiding in his own magic hat. When Betilla sees the hats, she realises what has happened, and plays a trick on them back in return, turning the Livingstone's hat into a piranha and the Magician's into a frog. However, it turns out that they were in fact hiding behind a nearby plant, where they reveal themselves with a burst of laughter.


  • On the second level's win animation, Rayman gradually performs the same dance he does at the end of the final boss in the Saturn version Rayman 1 whenever Betilla turns around after counting to five.
  • The jungle birds that Betilla encounters in the opening cut-scene highly resemble the Stone Birds from the first game.