The Dream Forest

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The Dream Forest
The Dream Forest
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Rayman has to proceed through the jungle without falling into the swamp waters. He will come across hunters and explorers. This is where he meets Tarayzan, his first friend. Help Tarayzan get dressed and see what happens! The big boss is Moskito, a persistent giant mosquito.
—Manual, Rayman
Rayman must go through the jungle without falling into the swamps. He'll fight Hunters and Explorators there. It's here he'll meet his first friend, Tarayzan. Help him to dress up, and wait! The big boss is Moskito, the fearsome giant mosquito...
—Manual, Rayman
The very first scenery of the Dream Forest.
The big boss of the Dream Forest, Moskito.
An early version of the loading screen image.

The Dream Forest (French: La Forêt des SongesThe Forest of Dreams) is the first world in the original Rayman game. It consists of a luxuriant forest which darkens as Rayman goes through it. The swamps encircle this universe of greenery and its wild flora. There are dancing flowers and mushrooms around which twirl blue butterflies, as well as bizarre trees, some of them being at the boundary between plants and fungi. Lianas Rayman can climb abound, as well as flower and mushroom beds, and plums, recurring fruits in the Rayman series, allow him to pass through the marshes, or to take out Livingstones. There are also spiky fruits of all sizes, strange rocking flowers, and curious nenuphars onto which Rayman can jump. Thanks to Tarayzan's magic seed, it is possible to grow similar plants. Note that in the Rayman Junior games, a similar but deadly version of such plants exists, such as thorn lianas.

The enemies in the Dream Forest include Antitoons, little and tall Livingstones, hunters, piranhas, and flower tentacles. The bosses are Bzzit and Moskito, two giant mosquitoes. Rayman will make friends with the first one, who will help him to pass through Anguish Lagoon.

During his trek in the Dream Forest, Rayman will receive his first three powers from Betilla the Fairy. First of all, he will learn to use his telescopic fist in Pink Plant Woods. Next, he will receive the power to hang onto ledges in Anguish Lagoon. Finally, he will receive the grappling fist at the end of Moskito's Nest.

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2D Madness

The Dream Forest, as it appears in 2D Madness.

2D Madness is the first of twelve minigames which can be unlocked and played in Rayman 3. This minigame serves as a flashback and tribute to the original Rayman game. In it, Rayman is in the Dream Forest once more, and the player must manoeuvre him past various obstacles from the original game, such as mosquitoes, clouds and spiky fruits. At the end of the minigame, Rayman comes to a room filled with memorabilia relating to the original game.

Picture City, another land from the original game, is also revisited in 2D Nightmare, the ‘sequel’ to 2D Madness.

The Forest world

The Forest world in the Game Boy Advance adaptation of Rayman Raving Rabbids is based heavily upon the Dream Forest. Many elements of the Dream Forest, such as Livingstones, piranhas, plums, hunters, nenuphars, and a large number of background plants return in it.