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Birds are flying, feathered creatures which appear in a number of games throughout the Rayman series. Most birds appear as background elements, while others can be interacted with. There are many different variants of birds.

In Rayman and its spin-offs

Two lovebirds atop the Musician's house.

Two lovebirds, a blue male and a pink female, can be seen perching atop the Musician's house in Mr Stone's Peaks. They are shown being affectionate to each other.

In Rayman Designer, these birds appear as scenery events in the Mountain and Cave worlds.

In Rayman 2

The most common variety of bird is a tropical, yellow-beaked, toucan-like species which comes in two distinct varieties: those with red plumage and those with purple. These birds are encountered frequently in Rayman 2.

Perhaps the most significant birds in the Rayman series are the Zombie Chickens. These undead creatures are just one result of the Robo-Pirates' interference: chickens, terrified by the disruption of the natural balance, began laying dead eggs, from which the Zombie Chickens hatched.

In the PlayStation version, some cages contain Denys: small, strange creatures that appear to be a sort of mixture between chickens and dinosaurs. Rayman Revolution introduces adult Denys, which are known as Minisaurus. The Minisaurus have been driven mad by the Robo-Pirates' interference; formerly peaceful, they now eat the Popolopoïs, and may charge and hurt Rayman if he encroaches on the Minisaurus Plain.

Both the red and purple varieties of birds can be seen flying through the trees of Aeropolis at the very beginning of Big Date, the fourth and final episode of Rayman: The Animated Series.

In Rayman 3

Several red birds of the species from Rayman 2 reappear in Rayman 3; they are glimpsed in the clearing at the end of the Special Invaders minigame, and they can be seen taking flight when Rayman emerges from his underwater duel with Céloche in the Land of the Livid Dead. At the beginning of the same level, Globox sees a number of small blackbirds sitting on a wall; he seems quite entertained by them and remarks that they look ‘stupid’.

Disembodied, metal vulture heads appear in Clearleaf Forest twice. The first time they are encountered they are sleeping when everything's normal in the area. However, if Rayman attacks a Hoodlum or punches it, they wake up and start cawing, indicating some sort of danger. They cannot be defeated and can hurt Rayman if he comes too close. These are probably Hoodlum invention.

Zombie Chickens make a return in the Desert of the Knaaren. Here Rayman will be faced with puzzles where he has to carry their eggs while avoiding the Zombie Chickens who are constantly moving towards Rayman, thus knocking the egg down.

Multiple flocks of birds can also be found in the background of the Bog of Murk and the Desert of the Knaaren.

In Rayman 3 (Game Boy Advance)

The only notable birds that appear in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3 are the Zombie Chickens.

In Rayman Raving Rabbids

In Rayman Raving Rabbids, Rayman is imprisoned by the Rabbids and the only way to escape is a small window. To reach it, Rayman has to make a ladder using every plunger he wins. Every time he sees his objective a bird comes inside the room and defecates on Rayman's nose. When Rayman reaches the window he catches the bird and sticks a plunger onto its back. The bird in this game is blue with big undivided eyes, and could possibly be a blue tit.

In Rayman Origins

Birds also appear in Rayman Origins, more especially in the Desert of Dijiridoos where some are predominant enemies, while others are friendly, allowing the heroes to step on them and use as platforms.

One notable bird is the Boss Bird, who makes a reappearance in Rayman Fiesta Run in the Candy World.