Ly's Cave

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Rayman leaving Ly's Cave.

Ly's Cave is a location exclusive to Rayman Revolution, the PlayStation 2 remake of Rayman 2.

Ly's Cave locates into the rocky structures in the Rainbow Creek. It is one of three special locations throughout the Front where Rayman can find Ly the Fairy and access the minigames she offers in return for freeing Familiar Spirits. (The other two are Ly's House in the Minisaurus Plain and Ly's Stele in the proximities of Globox's House.) When Rayman enters the cave, Ly appears, and Rayman can peruse her selection of minigames. When Rayman] makes his selection, Ly conjures a Spiral Door leading to the minigame of his choice; when Rayman completes a minigame successfully, he is rewarded with a permanent extension of his health bar. A new minigame becomes available each time he frees ten Familiar Spirits from their respective cages.