The Front

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The Front is an area of the Glade of Dreams that includes the Minisaurus Plain, Globox's House and Rainbow Creek. It appears only in Rayman Revolution, in which it replaces the Hall of Doors as the hub level of the game.


Unlike the Hall of Doors, the Front is an open world, where Rayman can move around freely. As Rayman continues to explore the area, he comes across several of the characters that will aid him in his journey: Murfy, a baby Globox, Clark, Ly, Bzzit and Globox. Each place in the Front contains a Teensie Circle where Rayman goes to when he needs information from a Teensie, when he completes a level or when he wants to revisit a level, by entering a Spiral Door.

In Rayman Revolution

The first hub level in the Front is the Minisaurus Plain, consisting of a large field, the Pier and the Marshlands. This is where Rayman begins his search to find the Four Masks of Polokus. Also in this hub is Ly's House, one of three places Rayman can play Ly's Challenges. The second hub level is Globox's House, taking place on a cliff closer to the sky. This hub also includes the spot where Globox's family resides and Ly's Stele. The third and final hub level in the Front is Rainbow Creek, taking place on another cliff but this one right above the sea. This spot is where Rayman will eventually leave to go battle Admiral Razorbeard. Also in Rainbow Creek is Ly's Cave.